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Tex Blaisdell (b. March 20, 1920 – d.March 14, 1999) was a writer.

Personal History

Tex Blaisell studied at New York's Art Students League. He served for four years in the Air Force. Eventually he married Elaine French and the couple had two children.

Tex died in 1999.

Professional History

Tex Blaisdell was an American comic book inker and professional illustrator. He worked for over a decade during the early 60's in comic strips including the Little Orphan Annie comic strip. In the early 70's, he started working as an inker on comic books for big companies such as Quality Comics, Charlton Comics, DC Comics and Marvel Comics. For DC, he worked on various titles including Inferior Five Vol 1, Batman, Superman, Adam Strange, The Flash and many others.

He worked in comic books until the late 80s, when he retired.

Work History

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