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Texas is one of the states located in the continental United States of America.


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Amarillo is the 11th-largest city in the Texas. In 1989, an escaped arcana of the Dreaming known as the Corinthian murdered a young boy named Davy at the Love Inn Motel in Amarillo.[1]
Annville is a small town in Texas. In Preacher continuity, it was here that Reverend Jesse Custer was infused with the power of the Genesis creature.[2]
Bar-L Ranch
The Bar-L is a large cattle ranch with several oil wells in southern Texas. The ranch is owned and operated by Hard and Sugar Candy and where they raised their children Etta and Mint. Neighboring ranches include the Holcome Dude Ranch and cattle ranch of Daredevil Dix.
Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and the ninth-largest in the United States.
Dos Rios
Dos Rios was the base of operations of Rafael Sandoval who served as a city council member of the town. Sandoval later became known as the masked crime-fighter El Diablo.
El Paso
El Paso is the seat of El Paso County in the U.S. state of Texas and part of the American Southwest. It is the home and base of operations of the 3rd Blue Beetle.
Mud Creek
Mud Creek was a small town in the bible belt and is one of the many places where the mad preacher Father Tocsin and his Caravan of Faith murdered a string of citizens by poisoning them with strychnine.[3]
Red Gulch
Red Gulch was the site of the Circle-D Ranch, owned and operated by Chuck Dawson.[4]
Travis County
In the continuity of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family of titles, Travis County is the home of the famed Hewitt Family, who lived in a farmhouse off Route 17. In 1973, Travis County earned its place in history as the site of the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre.[5]


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