"Americarnivore, Part I": June 13th, 1974

Texas Chainsaw Massacre #1 is an issue of the series Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2007. It was published on November 15, 2006.

Appearing in "Americarnivore, Part I"

Featured Characters:

  • Agent Baines
  • Agent Henkle
  • Agent Hooper

Supporting Characters:

  • Karla
  • Kim Burns
  • Marcus


  • Leatherface (Thomas Brown Hewitt)
  • Zeke Hewitt]

Other Characters:

  • Erin Hardesty (Flashback only)
  • Ted (County Sheriff)
  • Officer Christie (Single appearance)
  • Pepper (In a photograph only)
  • Sheriff Hoyt (Flashback only)
  • Tea Lady


  • Texas
    • Travis County
    • Route 17
    • Blair Meat Co.
    • Hewitt Farmhouse

Synopsis for "Americarnivore, Part I"

June 13th, 1974
Travis County sheriffs are in pursuit of a runaway Blair Meat Co. truck. They shoot out the tire and apprehend the crazed driver. When they open up the back of the truck, they find a dead young man hanging like a fish on a hook from the roof. Suddenly, Leatherface appears on the top of the truck with his chainsaw at the ready. The driver, sitting in the back of the squad car laughs with glee as Leatherface dives into the sheriffs.

June 21st, 1974
F.B.I. agents Baines and Hooper are assigned by the agency's cold cases division to do a follow-up account on the unsolved "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Driving through town, they receive very little cooperation from the locals. They meet with Officer Christie of the Travis County Patrol who gives them access to all of their files relating to the case.

Five miles away, Kim Burns of WTX News and her camera crew stop at a trailer home off Route 17. The owner of the trailer is a corpulent woman who offers them tea. Kim asks her for directions to the town of Fuller. From within the trailer, a mysterious person intently watches the conversation.

Agent Baines and Hooper set up a small command center at the Fuller Gas Stop. They review old footage relating to the case, including the recovered video shot by Texas State police officers on the night of the failed raid of the Hewitt Farmhouse. They find a private office once occupied by the Hewitt family patriarch, the late Sheriff Hoyt. The office is filled with dozens of strange items and memorabilia, and the agents cannot understand why none of this stuff was accounted for during the original investigation. F.B.I. profile agent Henkle suspects that someone in Travis County law enforcement went to a lot of trouble to make sure the entire 1973 investigation was swept completely under the rug.

That evening, Agent Henkle inspects a small cabin located on the Hewitt property. He finds a secret passageway that leads down into a well. He believes this might have been the place where Sheriff Hoyt kept all of the people he arrested. He falls through a weakened floorboard and lands on a pile of rotting bodies.


  • This issue establishes that Erin, the heroine from the 2003 film, was committed to a residential psych ward, following the events of the movie.
  • The unnamed motorist fleeing highway patrol at the beginning of the issue is identified in issue #3 as Zeke Hewitt, a character unique to the comic book series.


  • F.B.I. agent Hooper was likely named after Tobe Hooper, the director of the original 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre film. Additionally, Agent Henkle may be named after Kim Henkel, co-creator of the franchise.
  • A flashback scene in this issue shows Erin cutting off Leatherface's right arm with a machete, whereas in the movie she used a meat cleaver.
  • Another scene from the film is shown in flashback in this issue. This one involves Erin running over Sheriff Hoyt with his own squad car.
  • Reporter Kim Burns may be named after actress Marilyn Burns, who played the role of Sally Hardesty in the original 1974 film.

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