""Americarnivore (Part II)"": June 21st, 1974

Texas Chainsaw Massacre #2 is an issue of the series Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2007.

Appearing in "Americarnivore (Part II)"

Featured Characters:

  • Agent Baines
  • Agent Bond
  • Agent Henkle
  • Agent Hooper

Supporting Characters:

  • Kim Burns
  • Kara
  • Marcus


  • Hewitt Family] (First appearance)
    • Leatherface (Thomas Brown Hewitt)
    • Hank
    • Henrietta Hewitt
    • Jedidiah Hewitt
    • Luda May Hewitt
    • Monty Hewitt
    • Tea Lady
    • Zeke Hewitt

Other Characters:


  • Texas
    • Travis County
    • Fuller
    • Fuller Gas Stop
    • Hewitt Farmhouse
    • Blair Meat plant


  • WTX news van

Synopsis for "Americarnivore (Part II)"

June 21st, 1974
F.B.I. agent Henkle has fallen through a weak floorboard into a deep cistern beneath a cabin on the Hewitt estate. He is horrified to discover a massive pile of rotting corpses. Agents Hooper and Bond try to maintain radio contact with him from above, but Henkle assures them that he is fine. Agent Baines, acting against protocol, leaps down into the well after Henkle. He remarks that some of the bodies found down here are fresh. Shining his flashlight, he sees that the cistern leads into a long, dark tunnel. The agents begin moving forward to see how far it stretches.

One mile away, WTX news reporter Kim Burns, cameraman Marcus and her assistant Karla pull up to the Blair Meat Co. packing plant. Kim records a brief narrative before Marcus and she enter the abattoir. Karla remains behind in the news van. As she sits bored inside the back of the van, she sees something odd through the rear window – a small boy.

While Henkle and Baines continue exploring the underground tunnels leading out from the well, agents Hooper and Bond maintain radio contact. They return to the principle crime scene in the upstairs quarters of the Hewitt house. Before long, they find Agents Baines and Henkle who have followed the tunnel into a cellar that leads into the main house. Baines tells the others that they discovered dozens of bodies and that there must be multiple perpetrators. Hooper decides to call in for back-up.

Meanwhile, Kim Burns and Marcus begin exploring the Blair Meat plant. They encounter a man named Hank carrying a chainsaw. Hank introduces himself as the head "slaughterman" and offers to give them a tour of the facility. Contrary to popular belief, the Blair Meat plant is up and running again with a full crew. Hank goes into explicit detail of the methods his men and he employ when it comes to slaughtering livestock.

Elsewhere, Kara suddenly awakens. She is dizzy, but quickly realizes that she is no longer in the back of the news van. Looking up, she finds herself in an underground alcove with the Hewitt family leering over top of her.



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