""Americarnivore (Part IV)"": June 21st, 1974

Texas Chainsaw Massacre #4 is an issue of the series Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2007.

Appearing in "Americarnivore (Part IV)"

Featured Characters:

  • Agent Baines
  • Agent Bond (Dies)
  • Agent Henkle
  • Agent Hooper

Supporting Characters:

  • Kim Burns


  • Hewitt Family
    • Leatherface (Thomas Brown Hewitt)
    • Luda May Hewitt
    • Hank (Final appearance; dies)
    • Henrietta Hewitt
    • Monty Hewitt
    • Shiloh Hewitt
    • Tea Lady
    • Zeke Hewitt

Other Characters:


  • Texas
    • Travis County
    • Fuller
    • Fuller Gas Stop
    • Blair Meat plant



Synopsis for "Americarnivore (Part IV)"

June 21st, 1974
Agent Baines and Agent Hooper pursue Zeke Hewitt throughout the sewer tunnels running beneath Travis County. As Zeke turns a corner, he hides behind Leatherface, who uses his chainsaw to cut away at a support beam. A large section of the tunnel collapses between Baines and Hooper, cutting them off from one another. Baines tries to contact Hooper on his radio, and tells him that he needs to find another way out of the tunnel.

Baines finds a stairwell that takes him to the front of the Blair Meat Co. plant. Inside the building, Kim Burns frantically runs away from the chainsaw-wielding psychopath, Hank. She leaps through a window, out onto the pavement in front of Agent Baines. Baines catches sight of Hank and begins firing at him. He enters through the broken window and narrowly evades being gutted by Hank's chainsaw. Racing into a freezer, Baines finds a second chainsaw and engages Hank in a bizarre duel.

Meanwhile, back at the Fuller Gas Stop, Agent Bond gathers the bodies recovered from the hidden cistern and places them in the back. Agent Henkle begins conducting an analysis of the cadavers and posits his own theories regarding the behavioral tropes of the Hewitt family. A loud noise startles both men, and Agent Henkle goes out the front door of the gas stop while Agent Bond checks out the back. What he doesn't yet realize though, is that one of the body bags in the back room contains the still-living Zeke Hewitt. Zeke gets the drop on Agent Bond and stabs him through the head with a hunting knife, killing him. Out front, Agent Henkle encounters Henrietta and her fat tea-drinking friend. Henrietta batters Henkle across the face with a hot tea kettle.

Agent Hooper finally finds an alternate route through the sewer tunnels and discovers the secret alcove of the Hewitt family. He draws their weapon on them and tells them that they are all under arrest.

Back at the Blair Meat plant, Baines and Hank continue their chainsaw fight, but Baines ultimately wins by first cutting off Hank's leg, then stabbing him through the back with the saw. Injured and bleeding, Baines limps out the front of the plant only to find an angry Leatherface waiting for him.



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