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Tezcatlipoca, the Shadow God, is the Aztec god of darkness and a powerful enemy of Wonder Woman and the legacy hero called Aztek.

Early Existence

At the beginning of time the Multiverse was born, this was a collection of 52 universes that were separated by a wall at the end of each universe called the Source Wall. At the center of this multiverse was the Sphere of the Gods, this was where the Old Gods came into existence and where they would make their home. Tezcatlipoca was one of these gods, birthed from Ometeotl the original creator in the Aztec Pantheon.[citation needed] Over endless time the multiverse would die and be reborn, each time this cycle occurred Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl would switch roles with each other, one being the creator while the other would be the destroyer.[1]

In the current timeline Tezcatlipoca played the role of the destroyer and the Shadow God. In this timeline Tezcatlipoca would strike down Quetzalcoatl winning the timeline, however Quetzalcoatl left a portion of his power in the form of a helmet to the mortals.[1] This helmet would be donned by a mortal who would attempt to battle the Shadow God until they died, upon death the helmet would seek out a new wearer to be crowned Quetzalcoatl's champion Aztek. In the modern day the helmet was passed down to Nayeli Constant after Tezcatlipoca killed the previous wielder Uno.[2]


  • Godly Physiology
    • Cosmic Awareness: Tezcatlipoca is aware of the grand scale of the multiverse and all its happenings.
    • Godly Strength: Tezcatlipoca possesses immeasurable strength. Wonder Woman, one of the most powerful beings on Earth 0, was no match for the shadow god's infinite strength.
    • Immortality: Due to his old god status Tezcatlipoca will never age in the same way mortals do.
    • Invulnerability: Tezcatlipoca was completely unaffected by any punch Wonder Woman threw at him.



  • Macuahuitl: A Macuahuitl was a melee weapon commonly used by Aztec warriors around the time of the Spanish Conquests. It consisted of a wooden club with small obsidian blades embedded in its sides. Tezcatlipoca uses a far bigger version then the Aztecs did due to his large size.[1]



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