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Tezumak was a Jarhanpurian member of the Leviathan organization on Earth-38 and, after the Crisis, on Earth-Prime.


Tezumak was born on planet Jarhanpur thousand years ago. Along with other Jarhanpurians, he move to Earth, after the destruction of her planet, where they created the organization, later known as Leviathan.[1]

After the defeat of Rama Khan at the hands of Supergirl, Gamemnae warned him that the Anointed One was thinking about replacing him with Tezumak as the new leader of the Leviathan.[2]

Tezumak was erased from existence after his reality was destroyed by an antimatter wave which was sent by the Anti-Monitor.[3]


After the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Tezumak was resurrected on Earth-Prime, like most of Earth-38 residents, as their home reality was merged with Earth-1 and an unnamed universe.[4] Tezumak's history was almost unscathed as he still was a member of the Leviathan on the new reality.

Months later, in order to prevent Supergirl from stopping their plans, Gamemnae and Lex Luthor made Rama Khan summon Tezumak and Sela to their headquarters: the aliens charged their rings with Green Kryptonite to prepare themselves to fight the Kryptonian.

Tezumak and Rama Khan came to National City where they found Dreamer and Supergirl who revealed himself to be Martian Manhunter in disguise. Tezumak wounded the Martian hero, forcing him and Dreamer to escape. Later, Tezumak and the other Jarhanpurians tracked her to a warehouse where they assaulted her with the Kryptonite rings: Miss Martian and Dreamer also came to the battlefield, distracting Tezumak and the others enough to allow Supergirl to wear a new suit to battle the alien villains.

After an explosion disintegrated the aliens, including Tezumak, he managed to resurrect himself. However, he was suddenly summoned back to the Leviathan's headquarters where Lex Luthor made Brianiac-5 bottle him and the other Leviathan members.[5] Eventually, Luthor used the bottle to inject himself with their energies, gaining their abilities and causing Tezumak's death.[6]


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Supergirl and is an adaptation of Tezumak. The original character was created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke and first appeared in JLA #66.
  • Tezumak was portrayed by an uncredited actor.
  • Rama Khan described Tezumak as a "savage" who would cause the Earth's destruction in his quest to save it.[2]



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