Quote1.png The Weaponeer creed-- Pain ennobles me. But this-- losing you would hurt more than I can bear. Quote2.png
Hal Jordan src

The bounty hunter Thaal Sinestro of the Anti-Universe was Hal Jordan's archenemy.[1]

Sinestro and Jordan faced each other several times, with Sinestro using the hunt against Jordan to earn money as a bounty hunter[1] and Jordan using the hunt against Sinestro as an excuse to leave the planet Qward and, for example, to assault the Plus-Matter Universe.[2]

At one point they fell in love and became lovers, needing to keep their relationship a secret and keep pretending to be enemies because love was something that in their universe should be destroyed. Knowing that the war between the Green Lantern Corps and the Weaponeer Revenge Squad was about to reach its climax, Sinestro pleaded with Jordan that they would flee to the Plus-Matter Universe where things were different, but Jordan refused, and the result of that was Sinestro's death in the Lightning Forge explosion in Qwar-Deen, the capital of the Weaponeers, carried out by Jordan himself.[2]




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