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When Abin Sur was on his way to assist fellow Green Lantern Fentara, he was contacted by Sinestro who informed him that Fentara had been killed and warned him to be careful. Devastated by Sur's death he address the Guardians of the Universe. When Hal Jordan arrives on Oa as Abin Sur's replacement, Sinestro is not pleased that he was a human stating that it disappointed him that Hal was wearing Sur's ring. This caused Hal to see himself unfit for the training and return to Earth. Sinestro and a few other members of the Corps confronted Parallax but could not stop him.

All the Green Lanterns who went on the mission were killed easily by Parallax except for Sinestro who refused to fight, seeing what happened to his fellow Corps members. Sinestro suggested the Guardians should forge a yellow power ring containing energy from the essence of Fear and use it to defeat Parallax because he thought you can only fight fear with fear. Hal arrives and tells him not to use a yellow power ring because once corrupted by fear you cannot turn back, he requests that Sinestro and the Guardian's help him save the Earth from Parallax. His request, however, was denied so Hal had to defend his world on his own.

After leading Parallax towards the sun, Hal was about to be pulled into its core by gravity beacuse he was exhausted and it was too strong for him to fight, when he was saved by Sinestro, Kilowog, and Tomar-Re. Sinestro commended Hal's achievements and told the Corps that the threat had been destroyed. After witnessing Fear's power, Sinestro retrieves the yellow power ring that had been created earlier, he slips his green power ring off his finger, and replaces it with the yellow becoming the first Yellow Lantern.






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