Quote1 There is a war coming. I look to Earth seeking future allies. Quote2
-- Sinestro src

Year Two

Sinestro first appears to Kyle Rayner outside Earth's orbit, alongside several members of his corps. Sinestro informs Kyle that Earth has changed in the year that he has been gone, and that he looks to Earth for alliances he might find valuable. Kyle mocks Sinestro's facial hair to dissuade his fear, but the Korugarian finds it deep within Rayner and rips his ring finger off before Kyle can broadcast to the Guardians for help. Kyle succumbs to asphyxiation and dies when his limbs are pulled apart by the Sinestro Corps members.

Thaal later travels to the Justice League Watchtower to confront Superman. However, the Korugarian's intentions are revealed to be peaceful, and not violent, in nature. Sinestro warns Kal-El of the Green Lantern Corps' imminent incursion to Earth and how they seek to pursue Superman.

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Fall of the Regime


Five years later, Sinestro finds himself at the head of Superman's army. He also recruits Hal Jordan to his fear-driven Corps after Jordan deserts the Green Lantern Corps. He fights Wonder Woman and Green Arrow, but is beaten by Green Lantern. Thaal later confronts the Flash when Barry defects from the Regime. He is beaten and imprisoned in a pyramid-like structure by the speedster.

Sinestro later thrashes and seemingly kills Superman of the alternate Earth, but is mistaken when Kal appears behind him and removes his ring from his finger. Sinestro and Hal of his world are later brought to the Guardians of the Universe to face judgement by the alternate Green Lantern.

Possible Post-Regime Epilogue

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This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice: Gods Among Us history. Information here does not reflect the true history of neither the Injustice: Gods Among Us universe nor the Injustice: The Regime universe, and should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.

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When Superman's One Earth regime proved to be a failure similar to his on Korugar, Sinestro retreated to deep space to ruminate on its demise. Fear had long seemed the most powerful of the emotions with which to bring order to the universe. Yet, it had not been enough. Desperate, Sinestro hurled the might of the Sinestro Corps against the Life Entity, keeper of the White Power Battery.

Ultimately victorious, Sinestro now wielded the power of a White Lantern. No adversary could possibly withstand him. The light of the Green Lantern Corps would be the first he would extinguish.






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