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Quote1.png I was trained in the art of escape by Thaddeus Brown from Earth-51. Quote2.png
Sherloque Wells src

Thaddeus Brown is a famous figure of Earth-51, well-known for being the greatest escapist of the Multiverse.

Thaddeus Brown became a master escapist in his home reality. His abilities made him so famous even through the realities that Jay Garrick aka The Flash mentioned him on his map of the Multiverse as a distinctive feature of Earth-51.[1]

At some point in time, Sherloque Wells, the best detective of the Multiverse, came to Earth-51 to be teached by Thaddeus into the art of escape.[2]

Thaddeus presumably died when the Anti-Monitor unleashed an antimatter wave that destroyed Earth-51.[3] However, he was probably brought back to life after the Multiverse's restoration.[4]


  • Escapology: Thaddeus Brown is the best escapist in the Multiverse.