The Headmaster is an enemy of Martian Manhunter.

Born to affluence, Thaddeus Hoskins was a child prodigy. He graduated from M.I.T. by the age of fifteen and turned his gifted intellect towards science. An elitist and social reject, he committed himself towards developing a device for the military known as the Headman project. The concept behind the Headman was that the device could turn enemy soldiers into "cannon fodder". Although the theory was sound, the government never expanded beyond the project's planning stages. Hoskins took his work and decided to further develop it on his own.

Hoskins believed that the ultimate destruction of the Earth was inevitable. As such, he embarked upon a plan to save humanity by guiding them to the stars. As part of his vision, he realized that he needed to produce space-worthy generation ships, that could transport people off of the planet for eventual deposit on a new world. In Hoskins' perception however, only those Earthlings he deemed worthy would benefit from his hard work.

He came to the realization that his human physical form was not adequate to bring his dream to fruition. In order to move forward, he used a Headman drone to transplant his brain into a cybernetic body. Calling himself the Headmaster, he interfaced with the smaller bug-shaped drones and used them to develop his workforce. The Drones would mechanically take control of human hosts, removing superfluous biological material (their heads), and function as the Headmaster's slaves. They helped him to construct the Ark – the first generation ship designed to rescue humankind.

The super-hero known as the Martian Manhunter, while working under the guise of John Jones, learned of the grisly murders being committed by the Headmen drones. He consulted with his contacts in the JLA, and learned about Hoskins and his work. He tracked the Headmaster to the Ark whereupon the two fought one another. The Manhunter destroyed the underground launch facility burying the Headmaster and his Headmen drones beneath a ton of rubble.




Headman armor; Headman drones


The Ark - a prototype space vessel designed to ferry humanity to the stars; never used



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