Quote1 That should keep you busy while my father conquers the multiverse! HAHAHA! Quote2
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Thaddeus Sivana, Jr. is the young son of Doctor Sivana and the youngest sibling of three. A dead ringer for his father, Thaddeus Junior is a brilliant young man who was instrumental in freeing the Monster Society to distract the Marvel Family from stopping his father who was busying trying to create years worth of Sivanaday. He helped his brother Magnificus try and stop Captain Marvel personally but was swatted away by Captain Marvel, Jr. who used a construction vehicle as a bat.



  • Power Loss: If Thaddeus Jr is made to say the word "Sivana", hi can lose her powers completely and be forced back to her human form.

  • When Thaddeus, Jr. was batted away from Captain Marvel he landed on the moon.



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