Quote1 And there you are, children-- my precious guinea pigs! I found exactly what I was looking for, exactly where I predicted! Quote2
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Thaddeus Bodog Sivana is the father of the Sivana Family and arch nemesis of Captain Marvel.

He is a mad scientist bent on conquering the world, as well as defeating the world's mightiest mortal. After communing with his otherworldly counterparts through comic books, he presented a plan which would require a piece of suspendium from each of them. He used this to create a new day, an eighth day, called Sivanaday. He used this extra day to find the Rock of Eternity, capture Shazam and set his children as well as the Monster Society on the Marvel Family in order to have enough time to mine the Rock for more suspendium to create whole years. However, he was thwarted by Captain Marvel, when it was revealed that the other Sivanas didn't give all the suspendium they had, which only afforded Thaddeus eight extra hours. After his time had run out, Captain Marvel was strong enough to defeat Black Sivana, the chaotic transformation brought about by black lightning, and save the day.


  • Science: Doctor Sivana created a technological clone to the Rock of Eternity filled with a robot army that he used to mine the Rock for it's suspendium. He also found the location of the Rock with coordinates and harnessed the magical lightning of Shazam in order to turn his children, and then himself, into more powerful versions of themselves.


  • Suspendium: Doctor Sivana harnessed this difficult energy source into colorful crystals which, once collected, he used to create a whole new day. With more, he could create whole years.

  • Thaddeus Sivana mentions having a wife which his children had come from, but never mentions which of his wives that was.



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