Doctor Sivana is the arch-nemesis of Captain Marvel.


Thaddeus B. Sivana has fought Captain Marvel more often than any of the World's Mightiest Mortal's enemies. Just as the Joker, who mocks death and revels in the suffering of others, is Batman's antithesis, Sivana is opposite of Captain Marvel. While Captain Marvel is a being of magic, Sivana knows only the secrets of science, only what the intelligence of man can discover. He has been widowed twice, and the pain of those losses led to his becoming twisted and embittered against the very humanity he once invented and created for.

His knowledge is more than earth-based, though. He spent years in self-imposed exile on another planet, studying the race of creatures there, becoming adept in the secrets of that world. Perhaps his time there further twisted him into what he is. He has no physical power of strength, but he has developed a means to walk through walls by speaking a scientific formula of sorts.[1]




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