Thaddeus Volt, also known simply as Volt, was a henchman of the Penguin, working as the main inventor of the mob boss' gadgets and weapons.

When the Penguin was attacked by Catwoman, Volt and the rest of the Penguin's army sprung into action. However, Catwoman retaliated and caused Volt to fall from the building they were in into the water below. The water was electrified due to a fallen power line and, instead of dying, Volt emerged, gifted with the power to emit electricity.[1]

Volt participated in Roulette's race of thieves, trying to track down a collection of kids that the villainess had hidden to win a prize.[2] Creating an uneasy partnership with Catwoman, the person who had caused him to gain his powers in the first place, Kyle, who was more professional and serious about the race than Volt was, wanted to use Volt for her own gain. However, Volt got drunk on the job and, just when Catwoman needed him to use his powers to fry the electrical grid, he was too inebriated to help, forcing her to leave him behind for the cops to catch.[3]

In Blackgate Penitentiary, a gang war raged on outside between the Penguin's gang and the Roman's. After Fishnet was killed by a member of Falcone's gang while in prison, Volt and a few other of Penguin's goons staged a riot [4] but were eventually detained.



  • Gadgetry: Before gaining his powers, Volt worked as a gadget inventor for the Penguin.



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