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In pre-Crisis history, Thanagar was a highly advanced science-based world, with no problems of poverty, or civil or political unrest. It was run by a single government called the Ruling Council and there wasn't any need for a police force. That is until an alien race called the Manhawks, who

Thanagar is the homeworld of the hawk-like Thanagarians and known for its mineral deposit of Nth Metal. Although the planet is predominately inhabited by the Thanagarians, it is also home to several other indigenous races, such as the Lizarkons.


Silver Age History

In pre-Crisis history, Thanagar was a highly advanced science-based world, with no problems of poverty, or civil or political unrest. It was run by a single government called the Ruling Council and there wasn't any need for a police force. That is until an alien race called the Manhawks, who instigate the practice of stealing for the thrill of it, invaded. As a result, Paran Katar established the "Hawk-Police" (or "Wingmen"). Amongst the first Wingmen was Paran's son, Katar Hol. Order was restored, but not completely, as several (if not more) Thanagarians had adopted the concept of crime.

Katar and his wife Shayera Hol, also a member of the force, later arrived on Earth pursuing a shapeshifting villain named Byth. Katar and Shayera decided to remain on Earth and study human police methods. They became superheroes as Hawkman and Hawkgirl (later Hawkwoman).

The Equalizing Plague

A being known as the Equalizer injected the people of Thanagar with a widespread plague which robbed the populace of their individuality. The people of Thanagar became little more than a race of submissive drones. It wasn't until the deposed queen of Alstair Hyathis came to Thanagar that the plague came to an end. Hyathis agreed to heal the Thanagarians, but in exchange they had to accept her as their new ruler. The Thanagarians agreed and Hyathis became the new monarch of Thanagar. Hyathis' reign was relatively peaceful and the people of Thanagar labored intensely to rebuild their culture.[1]

The First Rann/Thanagar War

Much of the science and technology of Thanagar was lost due to the Equalizing Plague. Thanagar entered an expansionist phase prompted by Hyathis, and began a war with Rann. This was eventually resolved.

The Shadow War

Shadow War

Even after Hyathis was deposed, the people of Thanagar were still suffering from a fundamental culture shock as a result of the Equalizing Plague. Though they had accepted Hyathis' militaristic rule, the citizenry loomed on the verge of a new Dark Age. Gangs of "thrill-thieves" programmed a virus that destroyed portions of Thanagar's planetary data network, destroying mountains of scientific knowledge. Desperate to reclaim their heritage, a group of Thanagarian militants decided to take action. A commander named Fell Andar learned that Thanagar's most valued police officer Katar Hol and his wife Shayera had long ago left Thanagar to learn new crime-fighting techniques on Earth. He also knew that Katar brought with him a wide range of Thanagarian technology. Fell brought together a cadre of sympathetic Thanagarians and together they instigated a secret "Shadow War" against Earth. Arriving on Earth in secret, they established a base of operations inside a cave at Grinder's Bluff in Midway City. Their first mission involved stealing anti-gravity technology from Hawkman and Hawkwoman. The mission proved unsuccessful however and one of the agents, Rab Mekir, inadvertently murdered artist Mavis Trent mistakenly believing her to be Hawkwoman.[2] Fell Andar soon came into possession of an Absorbascon and used it in an effort to locate other pieces of lost Thanagarian technology. He even managed to commandeer Hawkman's starship with the intent of turning into a missile aimed at the Justice League Compound. Hawkman and Hawkwoman foiled Andar's plans however, though doing so required the destruction of their own ship, as well as most of Fell Andar's agents. Fell and his lieutenant survived the blast, though Fell was killed by one of his own agents soon after. Corla continued to wage the Shadow War by taking on the human identity of Corla Shilak. She infiltrated the Midway City Museum as the replacement for the late Mavis Trent. The Shadow War continued.[3]

Invasion of Earth


Modern Age History

In Post-Crisis history, Thanagar was a slave world in the empire of the planet Polara millennia ago. According to legend, a slave named Kalmoran slew his keeper and organized an army of his fellow Thanagarians, and led them in attacking a Polarian garrison, seizing their starships and using them to attack the other Polarian slave worlds. After defeating the slave planets, Kalmoran's armada attacked and razed Polara, ending the Polarian empire. Kalmoran returned to Thanagar, where he built a great city and lived there as his home planet's ruler.[4]

Generations after Kalmoran, the Thanagarians built a vast interstellar empire and adopted policies of aggression and imperialism. Ultimately, the Thanagarians joined the Dominators and their Alliance in invading Earth, which was successfully opposed by Earth's metahuman heroes and its armed forces. Following the failure of the invasion, Thanagar sent an ambassador, Darl Klus, to Earth to mediate relations between the two worlds.

Thanagarian culture blossomed in the early days of their empire, producing numerous inventions and many forms of art. But as millennia passed, Thanagarian culture became sterile, and the Thanagarians increasingly relied on their subject races for both technological and artistic advances.[4]


During the early days of the Metal Wars, it was revealed that the Thanagar previously encountered by heroes was, in fact, a colony world, and that the true, original home of the Thanagarians, referred to as Thanagar Prime, was kept hidden and out of phase with reality as a hidden redoubt. Though the birthplace of the Thanagarian people, it had long since been converted into a fortress world and a vault for the galaxy's secrets. Following Despero's attack, the Thanagarians retreated to their hidden fortress world, but found themselves under assault by another foe- a returning Onimar Synn, who, allied with Starro, was able to seize control of the world and take telepathic control of its citizens, leading it to ruin.[5]

Points of Interest

Medal Mint
The Medal Mint produces the bulk of the reward medals for valorious Thanagarian citizens, particularly the Thanagarian Wingmen. A group of thieves known as the Dragonfly Raiders once robbed the Medal Mint under the instruction of Byth Rok. During the encounter, they ran afoul of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.[6]
Sea of Scythia
The Sea of Scythia is located near a series of caves and grottos. Byth Rok and his criminal confederate Jarl once used the caves as a base of operations until Hawkman and Hawkgirl trapped them with a wave of radiation.[6]
Thanaldar is one of the major cities of Thanagar. It took over one-hundred years to erect the city, and it was designed primarily to house Thanagar's ruling council. Thanaldar is the home of Paran Katar and his son Katar Hol.
Veil of Valmorra
The Veil of Valmorra is a giant waterfall on Thanagar and the one-time hideout of the Rainbow Robbers. This is where young police officer Katar Hol first met his new partner Shayera Thal. This was also where, several years later, Katar first proposed to Shayera.[6]
Enndupar known as the "City of Lights" is a city on the planet Thanagar.[7]
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  • Planktonic organisms do not exist in Thanagar's aquatic ecosystems.[11]

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