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Tharok of the Fatal Five is one of the Galaxy's most dangerous criminals.

He hails from the peaceful planet of Zadron, located within United Planets space. His life changed forever during one of his many heist he tried to steal a nuclear device, but was arrested by an officer of the Science Police. Tharok tried to escape and the officer fired his weapon which caused the device to detonate, destroying the left side of his body. Tharok however remained alive but in a serious condition. He was rushed to the nearest medical center for treatment.

Zadron is home to some of the best doctors and scientist in the Galaxy, they worked through the night to save his life with state of the art cybernetic components. The procedure was rushed because they feared they would he could die on the operating table. Tharok however survived, shocked by his appearance and realized that significantly smarter, thanks to his partial computer brain. Tharok, now feeling like a monster and out cast, returned to his life of crime with a rage and hatred never seen before.

He is now significantly more successful thanks to his new body and computer brain. He was eventually caught again by the Science Police and was about to head to prison, when Cosmic Boy offered him a full pardon if he would help defeat the Sun-Eater. They also recruited the Emerald Empress, Persuader, Mano and Validus. These criminals were forced to find, fight, and defeat the Sun-Eater. The five criminals, with Tharok as their leader, became the Fatal Five.

The Fatal Five and the Legion of Super-Heroes defeated the Sun-Eater. While they received their pardon for past crimes, the criminals believed that they were powerful enough to conquer the United Planets. Tharok's mind was able to hack Validus' cortical implants taking control of his minds, which was the main reason Tharok became the leader of the team.

The criminals battled the Legion several times when they tried to gain control of the United Planets, but with no success. Tharok also became obsessed with making the left side of his body more human again.


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Tharok and Validus attack Booster Gold when he accidentally teleports there.






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