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The Alliance was a group of aliens who got help from the Justice League to take down their enemy Anathema.


The Alliance began as a group of aliens in the planet Competalia to get rid of the scientist Anathema, who transformed people into super-powered people. The aliens was later taken to the prison city of Haven. Valadin, a scientist, his brother Amon and Fellow Competalians Hank Velveeda, Ignetia, Katalia, Nia, Siv, Tamlick Soffick and Mavaar Lin (who would become a chancellor of the Haven) formed the hero team and thus began the Alliance.

The Alliance later moved to Coast City, California, but chancellor Lin later betrayed the team and saying Anathema would come to Earth to turn the inhabitants into a super-powered army. Siv injected Anathema and later her body reverted to her alien form. Their headquarters was later turned into a city, declared by negotiator Nicole Stein, who was appointed by then president Lex Luthor.

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