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The Amazing Adventures of Batman: Bane Drain is a story book of the series The Amazing Adventures of Batman and was published in January 2020. It was written by Brandon T. Snider and illustrated by Dario Brizuela. The story books are based on The New Batman Adventures.

Synopsis for "The Amazing Adventures of Batman: Bane Drain"

At Gotham City Stadium, the Gotham Knights baseball team and their fans are just celebrating a big win when they are suddenly attacked by Bane. Batman swings in on his Batrope and starts to fight Bane while calling Luke Fox across town for backup. Luke puts on his Batwing armor and soon arrives at the stadium where Bane was able to grab Batman and is now lifting him high above his head. Batwing uses sleeping gas to briefly distract Bane and then attempts to cut the super-villain's Venom tube. However, he is attacked by Bane with the stadium's pitching machine. Batman and Batwing decide to work together and save a few fleeing fans from Bane's rampage. Bane attempts to break Batwing and starts launching the pieces of a broken bat at him like missiles which Luke is able to catch. While Batwing takes on Bane, Batman is able to throw a Batarang at the Venom tube on Bane's back and slices it open. Batwing then throws a baseball at Bane's face and finally knocks him out. Batman and Batwing are then cheered on by the fans still inside the stadium.

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  • Bane grabbing Batman and lifting him high above his head is a reference to Batman: Knightfall.

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