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The Ancestor was a scientific experiment conducted by the Daemonites in order to procreate on the planet where they were sterile. Because their race could not survive outside of their home planet habitat and children in their possessed guise were only ever born human.

Scientists and Sorcerers of the Kherubim's enemies conducted a thesis of creating Hybrid Kherubim/Daemonite warriors who were capable of intermingling with the native species while on Earth. Doing so by splicing a Kheran male with Daemonite genestock in order to breed with the humans and potentially increase their numbers.[1] This experiment failed, as the abductee retained his own consciousness and fought back against his creators to earn his freedom.

Modern Era

He would at one point prove his success as a living thesis by parenting a child with recessive parental traits over the the many centuries since his birth. While all of his children wouldn't share his Daemonite traits for many a generation, the Daemonite side of their inheritance being being heavily diluted by their human genes.

Until early in the 21st century with the rise of Voodoo, who was indoctrinated into Jacob Marlowe's private army known as the WildC.A.T's as well as taught in the ways of The Coda by former Majestrix Zealot.[2]

When a virus that targets the Kherubim genome was unleashed upon the world by the Daemonites, the Ancestor, who was still alive even to this day and age, sensed a psychic plea for help from his long lost descendant. After dispatching a local mob who mugged him over a rigged game of cards, he stopped by the Halo Corporation building to drop off a blood sample needed to cure the dementia suffered by his descendants teammates before fading into history again.[3]


Kherubim Physiology/Daemonite Physiology: Because of his blending of the species. The Hybrid ancestor had the powers of both his parent races which were eventually passed down the line to his latest descendant. It was never revealed as to what all of his powers are.[1]

  • Immortality: Being of both Kherubim and Daemonite racial background, Hybrid boasts a naturally prolonged lifespan many time greater than that of the average homosapien. Making the nameless individual for all intents and purposes ageless and undying. Having spent centuries roaming the globe
  • Telepathy: He seemingly possessed the powers pertaining to his generations old Granddaughter Voodoo, as he had received a psionic cry for help from her via their shared lineage.[3]



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