"The Eternal Return, Part 1: Come the Revolution": Somewhere, on a shiftship, a hooded figure talks to an alien named Samson before leaving to his bedroom for slumber after telling Samson to wake him when they arrive to The Bleed.

Quote1.png The United States of America, not communist Russia! But these left-ring pinkos think they can change us! Think they can wipe out American values with their gay marriages and Earth First politics! Well, I'm here to tell them that America won't stand for it! My friends and I didn't storm the beach at Normandy just so these super-fascists could impose their will on the populace! It's time for us to rise up! For Americans to stand their ground and say "no more!" Quote2.png
Paul Revere

The Authority: Revolution #1 is an issue of the series The Authority: Revolution (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2004. It was published on October 27, 2004.

Synopsis for "The Eternal Return, Part 1: Come the Revolution"

Somewhere, on a shiftship, a hooded figure talks to an alien named Samson before leaving to his bedroom for slumber after telling Samson to wake him when they arrive to The Bleed.

Two months later. A bored and dissatisfied Midnighter is consulting with politicians about legalizing hemp, in which is planned to being use for making paper according to Midnighter, and the concerns of The Doctor's state religion, the Church of the Shaman, in which a Southern politician heavily accuses it as a violation of separation of church and state. In response to the latter, Midnighter immediately beats up the politician for his hostility. Midnighter then teleports to the White House's Oval Office and confesses to Jack Hawksmoor that he and The Authority felt better off being 'celebrities' than doing 'paperwork'. The Engineer also confides her displeasure of ruling America and expressing that the efforts to 'change' the world for the better good doesn't turn out to be exactly as planned, and states that the team are becoming dictators instead.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, a group of superheroes known as the Sons of Liberty led by their leader Paul Revere rally a large group of people into a full-scale rebellion against The Authority's rule. They lead them into causing havoc to the city, as the rioters with help from the Sons of Liberty brutally battle the police and attack the city's Church of the Shaman and its followers.

Hawksmoor and the Engineer are soon informed of the situation in Philadelphia, in which the local National Guards that was sent to stop the rebellion instantly joined forces with the rebels. With the Engineer tasked in accessing satellite footage on the rioters, Hawksmoor arrives in Philadelphia and kills off some stragglers from the rioters. Swift soars over the city but finds nothing of the rioters' whereabouts. She spots and chases a member of the Sons of Liberty, Johnny Rocketman. However, she is defeated when a miniature man, Dyno-Mite the Human Hand-Grenade, who is on Johnny Rocketman, explodes in front of her and sends her plummeting to the ground. Seeing Swift, Hawksmoor orders two skyscrapers to catch her. After this, Hawksmoor orders the entire Authority to be in Philadelphia.

On the Carrier, as Midnighter teleports to Philadelphia, he is instead transport to a different and unfamiliar location. To his surprise he is greeted by a very old Apollo, who informs Midnighter that he is in the future, where, in his words, "in the world the Authority built."

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