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"The Eternal Return Part 12 of 12: Sound and Fury, Signifying": Jenny engages Midnighter in battle, as the Engineer continues probing his brain for Bendix's mind control inputs. Bendix watches the battle on the Authority's Carrier from his Carrier.

Quote1.png So much has happened to us, we changed the world, and then the world changed us...broke us apart, got us back together...And now here we are. Some of the faces are different, but essentially, we're right back where we started...And that just seems...I don't know, a little unfair, or something... Quote2.png
The Engineer

The Authority: Revolution #12 is an issue of the series The Authority: Revolution (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2005. It was published on October 19, 2005.

Synopsis for "The Eternal Return Part 12 of 12: Sound and Fury, Signifying"

Jenny engages Midnighter in battle, as the Engineer continues probing his brain for Bendix's mind control inputs. Bendix watches the battle on the Authority's Carrier from his Carrier.

When Jenny doesn't go full out to destroy him, Midnighter grows a little suspicious. Jenny senses this and responds by upping her attack. At that moment, the Engineer finds some of Bendix's microprobes and destroys them, which causes Midnighter to halt his attack.

Bendix guesses that the Engineer is inside Midnighter's head and activates nano-parasites to defend his implants. But the Engineer one-ups Bendix – she infects the Midnighter's brain with a virus that wipes out anything installed after the 20th century.

Bendix is informed that he is losing control of the Midnighter, so he teleports the Midnighter to a room on the Carrier that Midnighter has never seen before.

Successful in her ploy, the Engineer exits the Midnighter's nose. He is back to normal, but not before Bendix had Midnighter activate the Carrier's suicide protocol. The Engineer attempts to shift the Carrier to a different reality to prevent it from exploding in Earth's orbit, but Bendix still has control of the Carrier and doesn't allow it to respond.

Jenny, as protector of the 21st century, decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. She creates a sphere that ingests the supernova explosion caused by the Carrier to save Earth.

But her life-sacrifice is just a ruse. Jenny has more than enough power to contain the Carrier's explosion, which gives Apollo enough solar energy to recharge. The Doctor leaves a duplicate of Jenny in space, which leads Bendix and his crew to believe Jenny is dead.

But Bendix wants to be sure, and for the first time uncloaks his Carrier in an attempt to recover the body. When Bendix's Carrier is unable to latch onto the body with a shift-door, Bendix suspects a trap and orders his crew to their battle stations.

But it's too late. The Authority teleports onboard Bendix's Carrier and attack. Jenny explodes small quantum bursts inside Bendix's brain. Rose Tattoo jumps Jenny and kisses her in the hopes of killing her. But Jenny shrugs off the kiss, and the Doctor brings Rose's serpent tattoos to life to constrain her.

The Authority kills all of Bendix's crew. Apollo personally kills Samson, as he was the Evolutionary who played with Midnighter's emotions by imitating Apollo in the virtual future.

The Midnighter confronts Bendix, who grovels for mercy at the hands of his finest creation. Bendix pleads that he has done what the Authority failed to do – make the world a finer place. Midnighter doesn't care for Bendix's approach of mindless consumerism and proceeds to rip Bendix's spine out of his body. Jenny approaches him to make sure he's okay.

Meanwhile, the Engineer begins her taming of the new Carrier. It turns out the ship didn't like Bendix at all.

The Doctor has a change of heart and doesn't kill Rose Tattoo; instead, he changes the Spirit of Murder into the Spirit of Life. Rose's disposition changes, and she apologizes for her actions; she asks to join the team. Midnighter leaves it up to Jenny to decide if Rose should join, as he goes to shower off Bendix's blood.

A week later, Jenny Quantum visits Jenny Sparks in the Infinite City to tell her of the team's success in defeating Henry Bendix. Sparks is impressed and asks Quantum why she didn't revert back to being an 8-year-old. Quantum replies it's much cooler to be a teen.

Jenny Sparks then thanks Jenny Quantum for allowing the Doctors from the Ancestral Garden of Memory to join the Jennies in the Infinite City for a little Bacchanalian fun.

Jenny Quantum spends a little time with the Engineer, who has yet to have a drink at the party. The Engineer is a little sad that, after all the team and world has been through, they basically are back to the same status quo, before everything began. Nothing truly has changed for the better.

Jenny shrugs off the Engineer's comments and convinces her to have a drink and enjoy the party.

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