"The Eternal Return Part 3 of 12: The Turning Tide": The Sons of Liberty are eating on their benefactor's shift-ship. Maiden America shares her concerns of the American civilians that were caught in the crossfire, but Paul Revere assures her that their mission against The Authority isn't always

Quote1 I don't know what I was thinking... I'm the Earth's shaman, with the knowledge of every Doctor who came before me...And still I thought there was a way for religion to make the world better. All I've done is turn these people into targets. That's some magic, isn't it? Quote2
The Doctor

The Authority: Revolution #3 is an issue of the series The Authority: Revolution (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2005. It was published on December 22, 2004.

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Synopsis for "The Eternal Return Part 3 of 12: The Turning Tide"

The Sons of Liberty are eating on their benefactor's shift-ship. Maiden America shares her concerns of the American civilians that were caught in the crossfire, but Paul Revere assures her that their mission against The Authority isn't always easy and that their benefactor's plan is already working against them with the American public increasingly going against their rulers.

After Johnny Rocketman is scolded by his team for his racist manners, Paul Revere checks on Fallout's well being and his benefactor. Once learning of Fallout's status of being stable from his excessive nuclear energy, Paul tells his benefactor that he and his team are concerned about his benefactor's plan due to the number of innocent lives that were killed in their attacks. Paul's benefactor reassures that the people's lives will be avenge and that the whole purpose of his plan was to free America from The Authority. Paul is then curious of the people who joined the Sons of Liberty's crusade, in which his benefactor replies that the people are in the ship's virtual reality room in making sure they "don't forget what this is all about". The people in the VR room are shown venting their outrage and hatred towards menacing depictions of The Authority.

Jack Hawksmoor, The Doctor and The Engineer watches a replay of Hawksmoor's address to the Sons of Liberty, which he justified what The Authority has done for America and that if the Sons want to fight them, then they wouldn't involve with the deaths of innocent civilians. Jeroen is concerned of Hawksmoor of not mentioning the deaths of the Shamanists in his address. Hawksmoor reason that he had tried incorporating the Shamanists in his speech but consider the final address to be too "complicated", and that few facts works best as possible, in which the Engineer also agrees. His teammates' response infuriates The Doctor in which he lashes out at The Engineer's indifferent attitude, stating that not only his followers were murdered but he can still hear their screams. After Jeron angrily leaves them, Jack express the difficulties that is mounting before The Authority, including internal struggles within the team.

Meanwhile at the Carrier's control room, Midnighter talks to the Carrier of needing its help and allows his memories of his experience in the future downloaded into the shift-ship. As he is doing this, Jenny Quantum watches.

The Engineer alerts to The Authority of the Sons of Liberty's recent rebellion in Seattle. The team gather in the junction room but finds that the Carrier couldn't allow them into Seattle. Fortunately, The Authority can only travel to Tacoma, the nearest to Seattle. As they reach Tacoma, Hawksmoor questions The Doctor of not knowing the attack sooner. The Doctor tries to explain that the entire city of Seattle seems to be "anesthetized," preventing Earth from feeling it.

Once in Seattle, the Authority are too late to preventing the Sons of Liberty's attack. The Doctor and The Engineer goes to the local Temple of the Shaman and finds the temple's followers all dead. The Engineer tries to sympathize with The Doctor, but The Doctor then despondently wonder if his creation of his religion of making the world better only allows its followers to be turn into human targets. Above Seattle, Apollo confirms to Hawksmoor that he have found that the Sons of Liberty and their followers' energy signatures have already left the city.

Days later, the Sons of Liberty and their growing followers have struck city after city while avoiding The Authority's intervention. The Authority vented their difficulty on tracking the Sons of Liberty is due to somehow having the Carrier shut off from them and allowing cities to be disconnected from the Earth. But The Doctor then realize the most obvious way in tracking the Sons of Liberty is by noticing the cities that are not felt, and then informing that the Sons are in Dallas.

At Dallas, the Sons escorts their new followers into a blue-colored Shift-Door. Johnny Rocketman then notice Apollo speeding right towards them. Paul Revere tells Rocketman and Maiden America to go with their followers and secure the Shift-Door, before borrowing Maiden America's hammer. As Apollo continue to head for them, he is then battered away by Paul with Maiden's hammer. After Paul leaves through the Shift-Door, Apollo is surprised to see the Sons possessing Shift-Door technology.

Once The Authority regroup with Apollo, he then reveals to the others of his discovery. This discovery gives the theory of the Sons of possessing their own Carrier, and that they are broadcasting a kind of interference in jamming The Authority's Shift-Doors from reaching the attacked cities. Hawksmoor ask The Engineer if they could track the Sons of Liberty's Carrier, but she explains the impossibilities in finding them. Midnighter suddenly makes an outburst, stating that they are hopeless to solve anything and criticizing the way they are governing America. Hawksmoor goes into a fierce argument with Midnighter, which soon turns into outright hostility, unaware that their fight is being recorded by a TV news team. The other teammates stops Hawksmoor and Midnighter, in which the latter then start walking away.

Midnighter and Hawksmoor's fight is broadcast across the country in which news-outlets reports a potential breakup within The Authority. The Sons of Liberty's benefactor and Paul Revere watches this. The benefactor is pleased to see this internal struggle going according to his plan before telling Paul to gather his team for a "real battle" to put an end to The Authority.


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