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"The Eternal Return, Part 7 of 12: To Infinity": After a trip to the doctor's office for a physical, 8-year-old Jenny Quantum arrives home in an indifferent mood. She doesn't like being talked down to like a child, though she is one.

The Authority: Revolution #7 is an issue of the series The Authority: Revolution (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2005. It was published on April 27, 2005.

Synopsis for "The Eternal Return, Part 7 of 12: To Infinity"

After a trip to the doctor's office for a physical, 8-year-old Jenny Quantum arrives home in an indifferent mood. She doesn't like being talked down to like a child, though she is one.

While having a minor fit about her situation in her bedroom, Jenny's 14-year-old teenage incarnation appears on her closet door mirror. The teen Jenny invites her younger counterpart into the mirror for a little chat. This is their second meeting.

Meanwhile, Apollo telecommunicates with Jack Hawksmoor and the Engineer. He tells the couple that Jenny is getting harder and harder to manage, as she teleports away so often. He has no idea where she goes.

Apollo also tells his former teammates that Jenny did not encounter Jeroen in the Garden of Ancestral Memory, when the pair visited his grave. The trio decides that Jeroen's death is suspicious. Jack decides to investigate, and asks Apollo to have Jenny bring the Doctor's predecessors to the corporeal world to be interviewed.

The two Jennies arrive at a fantastical land the teen Jenny calls the Infinite City. It is the location of Jenny Quantum's predecessors. After a quick stroll around the streets and run-ins with earlier Jennies, teenage Jenny Quantum introduces adolescent Jenny Quantum to Jenny Sparks, whom the young girl immediately recognizes.

Young Jenny Quantum has been brought to Infinite City so that Jenny Sparks may answer her questions on how to reach the next step in her evolution. Sparks also reveals that Jenny Quantum is more powerful than all previous Jennies combined, because she may be the last of their lineage.

Sparks, who was the Spirit of the 20th Century, informs young Jenny Quantum that the odds are stacked against her. As the Spirit of the 21st Century, young Jenny lives in a time when mankind has the knowledge and means to destroy the world.

Young Jenny Quantum tells Jenny Sparks that she discovered a man spying on her, and used different parts of her eyes to see him. She creates a hologram of the man, whom Jenny Sparks immediately recognizes as Henry Bendix, her former boss and head of Stormwatch. Bendix presumably was dead. Sparks presumes Bendix is behind all of the disorder and chaos surrounding the Authority.

Now that young Jenny knows who she is dealing with, the young pair of Jennies leave Infinite City and travel back to the mirror through which they entered in young Jenny's bedroom.

Teen Jenny reveals a few things more to her young counterpart: the Infinite City's similarity to the Doctor's Garden of Ancestral Memory isn't a coincidence. Young Jenny's visit to the Garden inspired her to create a place that allowed her to receive guidance from her own predecessors; the concept didn't exist until she created it.

Also, the 21st century is known for kids that want to grow up too fast, and that her teen counterpart is simply a mechanism of her needing to be older and more experienced to handle her upcoming obstacles.

When young Jenny passes back through the mirror to her bedroom, she finds that she is transformed to her teenage incarnation.

Apollo enters Jenny's bedroom to find his 8-year-old daughter is now 14-years-old.

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