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"Homecoming (Part 1)":

Wildstorm's heroes have a tough decision to make.

Quote1.png I gotta say, when I woke up this morning, I didn't think I was gonna be an astronaut. Quote2.png

The Authority (Volume 4) #18 is an issue of the series The Authority (Volume 4) with a cover date of March, 2010.

Synopsis for "Homecoming (Part 1)"

Wildstorm's heroes have a tough decision to make.

A strange energy source from deep space has locked itself onto The Carrier. Angie tells Jack that whatever it is, it's re-powering The Carrier. Angie finds that they have working Doors again and begins summoning teams from around the world: the Wildcats, Stormwatch, Wetworks, Gen 13, The Intimates, and the New Dynamix.

Once all the heroes are gathered, Jack tells them that while they have no details about the strange energy source, they have figured out that The Carrier is leaving. Jack tells them that he intents to board The Carrier and see where it's going. He offers to all of the heroes the choice to either stay or go with The Carrier.

They then use Maul to announce the same choice to the refugees. Jackson King debates with Christine Trelane that they need to stay behind and finish fighting the Knights of Khera. But Christine believes that this could be a way to get help for the planet.

Meanwhile, the refugees get violent as they fight to see who goes and who stays. Deathblow and Midnighter defend The Carrier's main entry while Gen 13 decides to step in and help. But the energy beam has disappeared and The Carrier prepares to take off. Swift tells the remaining refugees to get on now if they're coming but soon the doors to the ship closes.

But as The Carrier preps for departure, Jack informs Jackson that he is detecting an incoming Kherubim warship. Jackson knows it's the Knights of Khera and their ship The Red Blade and tells everyone to stand ready. As they prepare to engage The Red Blade, The Carrier rockets off into space.

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  • The cover to this issue links up with the cover to WildCats #19 to form a complete image.
  • This issue shows the entire team of Gen 14 finally integrating with Gen 13. Only Runt and Ditto were admitted to the team last in Gen 13 (Volume 4) #32.
  • Grunge's statement of Caitlin Fairchild's "Warhol rage are over," refers to her brief transformation as an Incubite in Gen 13 #32.

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