The Batman/Superman Movie is a 1997 animated movie released to home video. It is a collection of Superman: The Animated Series episodes World's Finest, Parts I, II and III.

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Character Actor
Batman (Bruce Wayne) Kevin Conroy
Superman/Clark Kent Tim Daly
Alfred Pennyworth Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Lois Lane Dana Delany
Joker Mark Hamill
Lex Luthor Clancy Brown
Commissioner James Gordon Bob Hastings
Detective Harvey Bullock Robert Costanzo
Perry White George Dzundza
Inspector Dan Turpin Joseph Bologna
Angela Chen Lauren Tom
Bibbo Bibbowski Brad Garrett
Harley Quinn Arleen Sorkin
Mercy Graves Lisa Edelstein
Caesar Carlini John Capodice
Binko Corey Burton


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