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One dark night in Gotham City, the Penguin looks at the Batsignal in the sky with disgust. He orders his henchmen, the Kabuki Twins, to hurry up before [[Bruce Wayne (The Batman TV Series)|the Batm

Quote1.png The Batman? The night belongs to Bruce Wayne. Quote2.png
Bruce Wayne

A Dark Knight to Remember is an episode of season 3 of The Batman. It premiered on October 1, 2005.

Synopsis for "A Dark Knight to Remember"

One dark night in Gotham City, the Penguin looks at the Batsignal in the sky with disgust. He orders his henchmen, the Kabuki Twins, to hurry up before the Batman arrives.

Before they know it, the hero is there standing in front of them. Batman orders the Penguin to return the crystal penguin statue he is attempting to steal. Of course, the Penguin refuses. Then, Batgirl descends from the building above, ready to fight.

Penguin orders the Kabuki Twins to attack Batman and Batgirl. The two henchmen do as they're told and charge at the heroes. Batman, not flinching, reaches into his utility belt and throws an ice pellet at the twins feet. They both freeze in their tracks.

Batman and Batgirl rush past the frozen twins and try to capture the Penguin. However, the villain is already in his boat with the statue driving away. Batman came prepared, though. Hitting a button on his belt, Batman calls the Batboat to his location. Batgirl stares in amazement at the impressive vehicle. Batman jumps into the boat and orders his sidekick to watch the Kabuki Twins, still frozen. The hero rides away after Penguin, and Batgirl pouts that Batman gets to do all the fun stuff.

Batman has almost caught up to the Penguin's boat. Cobblepot, realizing running isn't an option anymore, sets his boat to autopilot and takes out his Razor Umbrella. Batman, instead, hops from the Batboat and kicks the umbrella out of Penguin's hand. The weapons flies and cuts off the stering wheel to the Penguin's Boat.

Panicing, Penguin grabs his umbrella, hits another button, and his weapon then transforms into a helicopter propeler. Penguin notices that his boat, also, is about to crash into an incoming bridge. Penguin surrenders the statue but victoriously flies away.

Batman doesn't have much time either. He can't navigate the boat without the steering wheel. Instead, he uses his Batrope to swing out of the boat. His reflexes aren't quick enough! Batman is clipped by the explosion and the batrope breaks in the commotion. The hero falls into the water, injured, and sinks to the bottom.

Batman continues to sink in the water. He is obviously unconscious. Luckily, his utility belt notices his dropping vital signs and manually calls the Batboat. The vehicle drives itself to the bottom of the lake and grabs Batman. It also manually vents all the water from itself. Batman wakes up and coughs. He is still alive.

At the harbor, Batgirl watches as the Batboat drives away by itself. She saw the explosion and is happy that her mentor survived. She turns around to find that the Kabuki Twins silently thawed out of their ice prison and escaped. Neither hero were successful that night.

In the Batcave that night, the Batboat drives in to park. Alfred is already waiting for Bruce. When it docks, the hatch opens. Alfred notices Batman is unconscious and panics.

Bruce wakes up the next morning with bandages on his head. He calls for Alfred, who is already up. Alfred congratulates Bruce for not suffering memory loss from the blow last night. Alfred hands Bruce some breakfast, and Bruce announces he should get ready. It will be night time soon. Alfred sighes and mentions it just another night for the Batman. Bruce looks out the window and asks his reflection, "Who is the Batman?"

That night, at an Gotham-hosted music awards show, Bruce meets with James Gordon and his daughter. Bruce welcomes the Commisioner before being pulled away by a group of women. Commisioner Gordon offers Barbara some punch and walks away.

Barbara begins to look at Bruce Wayne. She notes his muscles, tons of money, and his distinct chin. He has to be the Batman!

During the awards, the host announces the winner of the next music award. He takes out the card and reads the name out loud: Ozzie and the Cobblepots. The host is confused. The curtain lifts up to expose the Penguin and the Kabuki Twins, holding guitars. Penguin begins to play his guitar with the speakers turned as loud as they go. The attendees try to run, but Penguin bashes his guitar on the ground, takes out another trick umbrella, and shoots the all the exits, preventing escape.

Penguin orders his henchmen to begin robbing the guests. Barbara Gordon, swearing that Bruce Wayne is the Batman, walks over to the billionaire and hints that she "hopes the Batman shows." Wayne, not knowing what she is talking about, goes under the table to hide. Wayne has obviously lost all memory of being the Batman.

Commisioner Gordon, trying to be a hero, takes out his pistol to try to fight back. However, the Penguin tackles the officer and confiscates the pistol. There aren't going to be any heroes tonight. Gordon says that the Batman will arrive soon to stop the villain. Cobblepot laughs, recalling that he "killed" Batman during their last encounter.

Penguin gets up. He notices Wayne and Barbara hiding under the table. Penguin knocks the table over and says that they have Bruce Wayne. He's practically a walking stash of money! Penguin grabs Wayne and makes an escape using another function of his trick umbrella. The Kabuki Twins flee as well.

After all the commotion, Barbara sneaks away from her father and suits up. She becomes the Batgirl again. On the roof of the building they were trapped in, Batgirl uses a gadget to follow Penguin's heat trail in the sky. She has a path dirrectly to him.

At the Gotham Zoo penguin exhibit, Penguin has Wayne tied to a chair. Wayne begs to be set free and offers to right Cobblepot a check. Penguin is interested, cuts Wayne free, and the billionaire does as he promises.

Batgirl, watching from a ice block above, waits anticipating Wayne's eventual attack.

After Wayne finishes writing the check, Penguin goes back on his deal, takes the check, and kicks Wayne into the penguin exhibit's water. Batgirl springs into action.

At the bottom of the pool, Wayne is stuck, tied to the chair by his ankles. Batgirl arrives at his location and tries to untie him. The Kabuki Twins are in the water as well. After an underwater fight between the three of them, one of the twins accidentally cuts Wayne's ties with her razor fingernails. Batgirl and Batman swim to the surface.

When Batgirl gets the surface of the water, Wayne is already running from the zoo for his life. Batgirl is so confused that she is immediately captured by the Kabuki Twins and beaten unconscious. Penguin laughs with pride, having "killed" one bat and captured another.

Wayne, catching his breath outside the zoo, notices Penguin escaping with Batgirl. The billionaire kicks him for being a coward and letting the girl that saved him be captured. He calls the police.

In the car ride home, Alfred, the chauffer, asks why Wayne didn't fight the Penguin, or call the Batmobile. Suddenly, Alfred realizes Wayne's memory loss and speeds up to the manor.

The elevator to the Batcave descends. Alfred reintroduces the Batcave to Wayne. The billionaire looks in amazement at the cave he created. The thought of him being the Batman is mind-blowing.

The Batcomputer suddenly brings up a message from the Penguin. He shows a video of Batgirl, captured, and threatens any other "Bats-in-Training." He says he is going to kill Batgirl at midnight. The villain laughs menically and closes the video. Wayne looks on in horror.

Alfred notices from the video several locational hints that give away Penguin's position as the Saltybird Sardine Factory. It is 9:30 pm, and Wayne only has a little time to re-train himself. He dons the suit he doesn't even remember.

Wayne tries to throw batarangs at cardboard targets, but his aim is awful. Wayne almost immediately gives up. Alfred has an idea. He calls his master and throws a batarang right at Wayne's face. Instinctively, Wayne catches it. Alfred knows that Wayne's "inner bat" is still in their, waiting to get out. Alfred shows Batman the Batmobile, hoping he still remembers how to drive it.

At Penguin's hideout, the madman shows Batgirl an ostrich egg. It's hard as bone. The clock on top of the building strikes 11 and two robot fishermen walk out from their spots on the side of the building. They are equipt with two razor sharp knives and cut through the ostrich egg no problem. The robots return to their original postions, waiting for the next hour bell to ring.

Penguin, not wanting to wait another hour, uses his umbrella to fly to the top of the clock. He kicks the minute hand to 11:55. Batman has five minutes now to save Batgirl.

Batman arrives just as Penguin orders the Twins to tie Batgirl up where the ostrich egg was. Wayne begs his "inner bat" to know what to do and enters the building.

Near the top of the building, Batman is ambushed by the Kabuki Twins. Instinctively, again, Batman fights the girls but accidentally drops an explosive pelt from his utility belt. The henchmen are affected and plummet to the floor bellow. Batman has a chance to escape.

At the top of the building, the clock strikes midnight. Batman arrives, but is again ambushed by the Kabuki Twins. The fishermen robots come out of their postions and approach the trapped Batgirl.

Thanks to a combination of Penguin's taunting and his inner bat, Batman regains his fighting skills. He kicks the Kabuki Twins and smoothly races to rescue Batgirl. The hero uses his batrope to rescue the girl just in time.

Unfortunately, Pengin begins to get away again with his umbrella. Batman, trying to throw a batarang one more time, actually hits Cobblepot! Penguin falls to the ground, hitting multiple projectiles on the way down. When he finally hits the ground, Commisioner Gordon is waiting for him and takes the Penguin away.

On the roof of the building, Batgirl talks to Batman. She admits that she thought he was Bruce Wayne, but he is too wimpy to be the Batman. She asks that, one day, she will get to meet the man behind the Bat. Batman responds that he might not even be a man.

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