In a dog food factory, Joker is ranting about his plan to put Joker Venom in all of the containers so that hundreds all around the city will all be branded with a large, joker grin.

Quote1.png It takes a Clayface to stop a Clayface. Quote2.png
Ethan Bennett

Clayfaces is an episode of season 4 of The Batman. It premiered on October 7, 2006.

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  • Ellen Yin (Cameo) (On a TV or computer screen)




Synopsis for "Clayfaces"

In a dog food factory, Joker is ranting about his plan to put Joker Venom in all of the containers so that hundreds all around the city will all be branded with a large, joker grin.

As the mad man is about to start dumping the poison into the dog food, his henchmen Punch and Judy say how the plan is pathetic. Joker yells at the two and asks since when they started talking.

The henchmen begin to melt to show expose themselves as Clayface. Joker looks on in fright as Bennett approaches the man who scarred him for life.

Clayface approaches Joker, cursing the mad man for turning him into this. The clown makes his escape by throwing cards at Clayface, causing the assassin to flinch. Joker begins to run, but Clayface catches up and grabs the clown.

Suddenly, Batman and Robin arrive and begin hostage-negotiations with Clayface. Bennett immediately listens to Batman and drops Joker, encased in clay, on the floor. Clayface transforms back into his human self and tells the dynamic duo that he is turning himself in. Batman is skeptical, but Bennett proves that he is done being a villain by calling the police himself.

As the police arrive, one of the policemen compliments Batman for catching two villains at once. Wayne doesn't take any credit and gives it all to Ethan Bennett. The officer is unimpressed with Clayface's surrender, and the rest of the officers close in.

At the official Waggy Time Dog Food spokesman auditions, the next actor comes in. He introduces himself as Basil Karlo. Karlo is confident that he will get the part. After an awful performance, Karlo is rejected. The actor, frustrated, yells at the judges and says that one day, everyone will know who Basil Karlo is. The actor stomps out of the room, enraged.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are at Wayne Manor. Wayne is explaining to the boy about how he and Bennett were best friends as children.

Wayne later arrives at Arkham Asylum to visit his old pal. Wayne tells Bennett that they are very close to finding a cure for him. Clayface isn't so sure he wants to take an antidote. He considers, when he is let out of Arkham, rejoining the police force as Clayface. Wayne says that it's not a good idea. Bennett already tried that.

At a local diner, Basil Karlo is sulky and watching the news on a public television. The news states that Wayne Industries is very close to finding a cure for Clayface. Karlo states that curing Bennett's powers would be a waste. Karlo then gets a sinister idea.

Karlo busts into the Wayne Industries labs poorly dressed as a scientist. The actor gets very close to a Clayface specimen when a real scientist stops him. Karlo, not knowing what to say, pushes the scientist down and grabs a vile of Clayface's goop. An alarm sounds and Karlo is pursued by scientists and security guards alike.

After a short run, Karlo is cornered. The actor, seeing no other option, drinks the specimen. Karlo immediately begins to have stomach pains, and the security guards approach him. The actor backs up into the wall, accidentally turns into a strange liquid form, and escapes through a small crack. The race for Karlo continues.

Outside Wayne Industries, the guards arrive to find an eldery woman screaming that Karlo stole her purse. One of the guards calm her down, and then the men continue after Karlo. As soon as the guards are out of side, the old woman chuckles and transforms into Basil Karlo himself. The actor now has the powers of Clayface.

Back at the Waggy Dog spokesperson auditions, Basil Karlo returns changing his appearance as he approaches the judges. The judges are horrified as Karlo transforms into a werewolf-like creature. Karlo begins to attack the people who insulted his "look".

In the same diner as before, Karlo is horrified as he watches the news. It discusses how the "new Clayface" put three people in a hospital. Using the security footage from Wayne Industries, the news stations assume that it is Karlo. The actor is angered that his life is completely different now. Karlo then comes to the realization that, after becoming Clayface, he is now a star. Every news station has him as the late night news. When the people in the diner finally begin to recognize Karlo as the new villain, they all panic and run out. Karlo is excited over his new fame.

Inside a Gotham bank, Karlo is putting on a performance for the security cameras while he steals from the bank vault. Batman and Robin arrive and begin to fight the new Clayface, but the villain is too good. Karlo gets away.

At Arkham Asylum, Bruce Wayne and Ethan Bennett are watching the news about the new Clayface. Bennett begs Wayne to try and get Bennett released. If he gets out, the original Clayface can stop the new one. Wayne gets up and leaves without an answer.

In the Batcave, Batman reads how Ethan Bennett escaped from Arkham Asylum. Robin predicts that he is going after Karlo. Wayne agrees and then gets a call from Wayne Industries saying that the antidote is complete. Batman orders Robin to go in search for Clayface II. Wayne will get the antidote.

Later, Batman and Robin regroup at the Batsignal. As Batman and Robin prepare to leave, Robin reveals himself to be Karlo in disguise. Clayface bashes Batman into the ground and laughes victoriously. Karlo looks down at the beaten Batman to see that Batman himself is actually Ethan Bennett in disguise. The two Clayfaces begin to have an epic fight.

After a long fight, Basil Karlo seems to be the winner. Suddenly, Batman and Robin arrive and throw ice capsules at Karlo, freezing him in place. Bennett transforms back into his old form and begins to talk to the Batman. The dark knight reveals the antidote under his cape. Bennett notices the antidote and knocks it out of the hero's hand. Robin swings down and grabs the antidote. Robin returns the antidote to Batman and Bennett appologizes for swatting it. Clayface I swears that he is a good guy now.

Suddenly, Clayface II breaks out of his ice casing and begins to attack the heroes again. Bennett asks if he can help Batman fight Karlo. At first, Batman declines but the dark knight decides that Bennett can actually help. Batman, Robin, and Clayface I begin to fight Basil Karlo.

A short scuffle occurs until the bridge they are on collapses beneath them. Bennett, saving Robin, gets a brilliant idea and tells Batman to prepare the antidote. Clayface I collides with Clayface II and the two fight each other for dominance inside each others' bodies. Batman understands the plan and uses the antidote directly in the middle of both Clayfaces' bodies. Both of them are affected by the antidote.

Later, back at Arkham Asylum, Bennett is back in his cell. Bennett is completely cured of his Clayface state. He appologizes to Bruce Wayne and tells his old friend that, one day, he will earn his trust again.

Somewhere else in Arkham, Joker (in a straightjacket) is playing chess with Basil Karlo. Joker states that, although Karlo looks cured, the madman knows there's still some Clayface in there somewhere.

The clown throws one of the chess pieces under the chain link fence they are sitting next to and walks away. Karlo bends down, unable to reach it. Suddenly, his hand extends a few inches. Surprised, Clayface II withdraws his hand and watches the chess piece rise from inside his hand. Basil Karlo still has some of his Clayface powers!


  • This episode first aired in the United States on October 7th, 2006.


  • The chess piece that Joker threw under the chain link fence at the end of the story was a queen.

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