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On Halloween, two children in costumes approach a spooky house on a hill. The door opens to reveal two identical looking old women, calling each other Virginia and Georgia. The two creepy old women tell the trick-or-treaters that tonight is not only Halloween but Grundy's Night. They tell the story Grundy's Night is an episode of season 2 of The Batman. It premiered on August 27, 2005.

Synopsis for "Grundy's Night"

On Halloween, two children in costumes approach a spooky house on a hill. The door opens to reveal two identical looking old women, calling each other Virginia and Georgia. The two creepy old women tell the trick-or-treaters that tonight is not only Halloween but Grundy's Night. They tell the story of Solomon Grundy who rose from the Gotham swamps 150 years ago. Tonight, on the lunar eclipse, Grundy will rise again and kill the descendents of his previous victims.

The children, obviously scared, ask how the old hags know so much about Grundy. They respond saying that they are the descendens of one of Grundy's victims: Emmit Bolton. The children, realizing that Solomon Grundy is going to hunt these women down soon, flee from the house. The two old women laugh hysterically.

Georgia and Virginia return inside their house and toast their grandfather for leaving them so much money. Suddenly, a long groan is heard and the two drop their cups. The wall next to them collapses and the resurrected Solomon Grundy slowly approaches them, with an urge to destroy.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred Pennyworth, dressed as Sherlock Holmes, answers the doorbell. He is greeted by an adult dressed as Solomon Grundy who scars the poor butler. The parent apologizes, saying that it's Grundy's Night. Pennyworth, mad at the man, slams the door in his face.

Higher in Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne is carving a pumpkin. Wayne is interested in the children's costumes and asks the butler. Alfred says it was only supervillains again. Wayne laughs, saying how kids like to be the bad guys on Halloween. Suddenly, the Batcomputer sends an alarm and Batman suits up.

At Georgia and Virginia's house, their home is in rubble. The picture of their grandfather is broken, and their safe raided. The two women are uninjured, however. Batman arrives and the two old ladies cower in fear. Batman says that he is here to help. The two women explain that Grundy is back, just as the legend says. Wayne asks who else is scheduled to get a visit from Solomon Grundy.

At another mansion, a man is being pursued by the zombie. Batman arrives and tells the man to run away. Batman and Grundy begin to fight, but the zombie is too strong. Grundy beats Batman unconscious to the floor and knocks down the building on his way out. The hero is trapped under the rubble.

Wayne awakens to find three children staring at him; one of the kids is dressed as none other than Batman. Wayne pulls himself out of the rubble, compliments the boy's costume, and walks away before the police arrive. The mansion owner, meanwhile, is crying about his broken safe.

In Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne accidentally startles Alfred who is reading about Solomon Grundy. Wayne is hurt from the attack and limps to his butler. Alfred says he was reading about Grundy. He might find a way to beat the villain by doing a little research. Alfred begins to read the legend of Solomon Grundy.

Long ago, three business men in Gotham City created a swamp in Gotham by illegally dumping chemical waste from the construction in the city. The farmers who lost their homes cursed the three bushiness men and used rituals to summon Grundy from the man-made swamp. The curse was that Grundy would destroy the homes of the business men and their descendants, just like the business men destroyed the farmers' homes with the creation of the swamp.

In the present day, Alfred closes the book to find that Wayne went back into the Batcave. In the cave, Wayne is taken a sample from his cape and analyzing it to see if the man who attacked him at the mansion was really Solomon Grundy. Batman tells Alfred to call him when the results are in. Batman runs off to go find Grundy before he disappears for another 150 years.

Above the Gotham Wax Museum, Batman notices Solomon Grundy walking through the streets hunting for the third business man's descendant.

When Batman lands near Grundy's location, he has somehow disappeared. The hero gets a call from Alfred saying that the mud contained mutated human DNA. During their conversation, Batman is approached from behind by Grundy.

Batman and Grundy begin to fight until Batman tells Grundy to take off the mask. The hero rips at the zombies face and pulls off a glob of goo. Just as Batman predicted, Grundy isn't real. It's Clayface!

Batman says that the main reason he knew that Clayface wasn't the real Grundy is because the zombie (according to legend) only wanted to destroy houses, not rob the victims' safes as well. The clay examination only proved his theory. Clayface flees into the nearby wax museum.

Walking into the museum, Batman realizes Clayface's stacked odds. Clayface ambushes Batman in the wax museum and then flees again. Batman pursues the villain.

Deeper in the wax museum, Batman and Clayface continue to fight. Batman finally wins however by spilling hot wax on the villain. Clayface is frozen in place by the hardened wax.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne is eating the leftover candies while Alfred cleans up. Wayne says that the Grundy curse has finally been lifted. Alfred states that there still might be a Solomon Grundy zombie out there, a villain just did his job tonight.

In the swamp, the two children from the beginning of the story are throwing rocks in the water, waiting for Grundy. It's late so they decide to pack up and leave. On their way back, the water bubbles and a deep moaning is heard. Solomon Grundy is real.

Appearing in "Grundy's Night"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Solomon Grundy (Flashback and main story) (First appearance) (Origin)
  • Emmit Bolton (Flashback only)
  • Winslow
  • Parish
  • Virginia Bolton
  • Georgia Bolton
  • Joker (Halloween Costume Only)
  • Catwoman (Halloween Costume Only)
  • Penguin (Halloween Costume Only)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Halloween Costume Only)






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