One night at Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne is watching television with Alfred. The television suddenly becomes fuzzy and the Joker appears on the screen. He is introducing his "new show" called Joker and the Mayo

Quote1.png Tonight on "The Joker", will Batman defeat our charismatic star in time to save the hostages? Will Joker finally take control of Gotham once and for all? To find out, stay tuned. Same Joker crime. Same Joker channel! Quote2.png

JTV is an episode of season 2 of The Batman. It premiered on July 9, 2005.

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Other Characters:

  • Clayface (Flashback only)
  • Cash Tankenson's Grandmother (Behind the scenes)




Synopsis for "JTV"

One night at Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne is watching television with Alfred. The television suddenly becomes fuzzy and the Joker appears on the screen. He is introducing his "new show" called Joker and the Mayor. The villain says that it will air tonight, just as soon as he abducts his co-star. Wayne gets up from his seat to suit up.

In the city, Detective Yin is being driven by her new partner Cash Takenson, who is an egoist and is poorly driving to the mayor's office for back-up.

In his office, the Mayor Grange believes he is safe from the Joker since he is guarded by several GCPD officers. One of the guards begins to laugh hysterically and he reveals himself to be the Joker. Joker sprays all of the officers with Joker Gas before pursuing the mayor.

After the Joker tackles Grange and ties him up, Tankenson and Yin enters with their guns drawn. Joker, unafraid of the cliche Detective Tankenson, sucker punches him into his new partner. They both lay on the ground confused as the villain places a Joker playing card next to Tankenson and leaves with the mayor in a limousine.

Batman, arriving and noticing the Joker escaping, catches up to the limousine and begins to fight one of the Joker's henchmen. In order to lose the hero, Joker pushes a glowing red button that splits the limo in two. Joker and the mayor escape in one half, and Batman crashes with the other.

The Dark Knight begins to push himself up when he is coldly greeted by Cash Dankenson. The detective has a gun pointed at the Batman and Dankenson is happy to have caught the legendary Batman. The hero tries to talk Dankenson into chasing after the mayor, but Dankeson is more content with the prize he has already.

Yin, arriving in a cop car, sees Batman in trouble. She flashes the car's headlights really bright, causing Dankenson to flinch. Batman uses the opportunity to escape, and, when his vision reappears, Dankenson screams that Yin made him lose the Batman. Yin half-heartedly apologizes.

In the Batcave, Alfred is monitoring the television for another one of Joker's interruptions.

When the madman does appear on the TV, he is standing with a captured Mayor Grange. Joker sprays Grange with an altered formula for Joker Gas, so the mayor stays alive but with a large, permanent grin. Joker announces his next plan is to rob a bank. Alfred repeats all of the Joker's plans, and Batman moves out.

Batman, arriving soon after, is too late. The security guards are Jokerized, and the vault is cleared out.

At the GCPD building, Detectives Yin and Tankenson are watching the Joker's broadcast. The villain says that his next co-star is going to be Tankenson. Unafraid of Joker's threat, Tankenson demands a challenge from the clown. Yin, trying to save her partner from doing something foolish, orders him to take the next few days off. Tankenson agrees and leaves the room.

In the hallway, Tankenson takes out the Joker card he was given and decides to take matters into his own hands. He follows the instructions to Joker's lair on the back of the card and moves out.

Meanwhile, Batman returns to the Batcave trying to link the Joker's signal. The villain returns on television to reveal a new show Shades of Blue. The star is none other than Cash Tankenson who is walking into a trap and doesn't know it.

Yin, at the GCPD building and watching the show, calls Tankenson and tells him that he is walking into a trap. The man is too rash and says that it only means Joker will be defeated on television. Just as predicted by Yin, Tankenson is sucker punched in the back by one of Joker's henchmen.

Now on the television, Joker is hosting a new show. It is a fundraiser for "Detective Shade's" life. Tankenson is held bound to a kangaroo standee. The clown states that, if he doesn't get one million dollars in donations, Tankenson will die live on air.

Not long after, Joker has only raised about $200. Frustrated that the detective did not raise much money, Joker gases the detective with the altered Joker Gas. Tankenson laughs hysterically before passing out.

Batman arrives at the location of the filming, only for the Joker to be gone already. Batman then realizes that Joker is using the old radio tower to broadcast his televsion shows.

At the radio tower, Joker is already there. Batman arrives and is again sucker punched by one of Joker's henchmen. Joker states that his real plan is to wirelessly detonate multiple bombs around the city, each emitting tons of Joker Gas on all of the citizens. The cue for the bombs was going to be when Joker abducted Mayor Grange and Detective Tankenson, but a better ending would be a final match between Batman and the Joker. Joker's henchmen pick up Batman and toss him into a boxing ring. Joker hops in himself, preparing for an awesome fight.

As the cameras begin to roll, the Joker Gas around the city sets off. Joker tries to fight the Dark Knight, but Batman jumps out of the ring to save Grange and Tankenson who are tied to the radio tower. On the way up the tower, Punch and Judy arrive first and begin to fight. The Joker Gas around the city is already beginning to seep into people's homes.

After a quick fight, Batman breaks the antenna at the top of the tower and the Joker Gas, along with the television program, abruptly stops. The citizens of Gotham survive their small dose of Joker Gas.

Back at the tower, Joker is furious that he has lost but chooses to kill his hostages anyway. Batman stops the villain in time and handcuffs him to a pole. The Dark Knight is too late, however, and the mayor and detective's rope has snapped. Thankfully, Detective Yin arrives and grabs the rope. Then, Batman helps the police officer in pulling up the two hostages.

Later, in the GCPD, Tankenson, fully recovered, is watching the news report. Yin comes in, and Tankenson tells her that he has requested a desk job. He wants a break from the action. Yin understands and says she prefers the strong silent type anyway. Batman is seen leaping from building to building through the window.


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  • The name of the episode is a reference to Joker's television channel's name. The letters stand for Joker Television.
  • The episode is filled with easter eggs referring to Batman (1966 TV Series). At one point before the comercial brake Joker is teasing the audience simmilar to how an announcer would tease the forthcoming episode in 1960's show with:"TUNE IN NEXT WEEK. SAME BAT-TIME, SAME BAT-CHANNEL". When Joker is filming fight between Batman and Judy and Punch the onomatopoeia's appers on screen. Adam West who was the main star in 60's show plays role in this episode as Mayor Marion Grange.

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