The story begins with Catwoman breaking into a Gotham museum. She is going for an old picture of a cat cartoon from the early 1900s. Suddenly, the air vent pops off to expose a skinny, cloth-covered villain. He introduces himself as Rag Doll.Ragdolls to Riches is an episode of season 2 of The Batman. It premiered on July 16, 2005.

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Synopsis for "Ragdolls to Riches"

The story begins with Catwoman breaking into a Gotham museum. She is going for an old picture of a cat cartoon from the early 1900s. Suddenly, the air vent pops off to expose a skinny, cloth-covered villain. He introduces himself as Rag Doll.

Rag Doll walks closer to Catwoman and begins to flirt with her. He says, because they both came to steal the same picture, it was fate. Catwoman does not appreciate Rag Doll's flirting. She kicks him to the ground and states that the picture is hers to steal. Rag Doll's ability to bend without limits allows him to easily defeat the cat burglar. Rag Doll locks Catwoman in a nearby exhibit.

As Rag Doll is about to take the picture, the Batman arrives to stop him. Catwoman purrs when she sees the hero. Rag Doll and Batman begin to fight, but the hero is not used to Rag Doll's limp style of fighting. Meanwhile, Catwoman is using her claws to escape the glass exhibit.

Rag Doll gets the upper hand for a minute and manages to grab the picture he came for. He escapes back through the air vent he came in through. Batman cannot follow him. As the hero turns around to at least arrest Catwoman, the villainess is gone. She successfully cut through the glass silently and escaped. Batman is disappointed for losing two villains.

In her apartment, Selina Kyle rants about losing the picture to Rag Doll to her cats. She gets an idea and puts on a nice dress.

At a fancy banquet, Selina Kyle is looking around at the people she can rob. She soon spots Bruce Wayne, whom catches her eye.

At the bar, Kyle starts a conversation with Wayne. Kyle suggests a date at his place that night. Wayne agrees and calls Alfred. Catwoman's plan is going exactly as planned. Kyle and Wayne leave the bar. Rag Doll, in his civilian identity, comes back to the bar and notices Wayne as well.

At Wayne Manor, Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne are just finishing dinner. Kyle asks where the bathroom is and manages to slip away. The doorbell rings and Alfred goes to answer it.

Selina Kyle is walking around Wayne Manor taking pictures of the things she can steal. She notes how Wayne has no art of cats.

At the door, Alfred answers the door and finds a cardboard box. As he is about to pick it up, Rag Doll pops out and jumps over Alfred. Both Wayne and Kyle recognize Rag Doll's voice and rush to the door.

Rag Doll grabs a single vase of Wayne's and puts it into his backpack. Kyle and Wayne arrive and realize they have to restrain themselves to keep their secret identities. Wayne places a tracking device on Rag Doll discreetly. Kyle rushes over and places a tracking device on Rag Doll's backpack herself.

Wayne leaves to go "call the authorities" and Kyle leaves because "it's getting late." They both are leaving to suit up.

Later that night, they both arrive together to find Rag Doll. They question what each of them are doing there for. They stop questioning each other temporarily to go after Rag Doll. Catwoman gets to the villain first and steals the vase. She makes her escape when Batman arrives. Rag Doll, too, has escaped again.

At Catwoman's apartment, Kyle watches the news about Wayne opening the Gotham Clock Tower for tours. Kyle is interested in the "Cat's Eyes jewels" that rumored to be hidden inside the clock tower years ago. Kyle is interested.

In Wayne Manor, Wayne tells Alfred that this all part of his plan. Catwoman won't resist the bait, and Rag Doll won't resist getting even with Catwoman.

In the clock tower, just as expected, Rag Doll and Catwoman arrive for the jewels. While they are yelling at each other, they are surprised by the Batman who strings them together with his Batrope. Rag Doll successfully cuts the two of them free and causes Batman's cape to be caught in a nearby gear.

As Batman fights his cape for survival, Rag Doll laughs. The gears are going to swallow Batman whole. Luckily, Catwoman swings in and cuts Batman's cape for him. The hero thanks her, and she says to think about that next time they meet.

Rag Doll accidentally falls in the gears bellow him and he screams in pain. Rag Doll simply folds out of the gears, uninjured thanks to his power. He mocks Catwoman by showing her that he found the Cat's Eyes Emeralds inside the gears he fell in. Both Batman and Catwoman begin to chase him.

After a long fight, Rag Doll becomes stuck in one of the gears and cannot get out. Catwoman takes the jewels from Rag Doll's hands and leave him for the cops.

Batman stops Catwoman to talk to her. Catwoman, feeling guilty about taking the Cat's Eyes right in front of Batman, decides to give them back. She then makes her escape before Batman has a chance to arrest her.

In Wayne Manor another night, Selina Kyle and having dinner with Bruce Wayne again. Wayne tell Kyle that he sold the Cat's Eyes emeralds, not realizing that she's Catwoman, for $100,000. Selina is disappointed that her prize had been sold. Wayne gives Kyle the money to give to the charity of her choice. Wayne accidentally just rubbed Catwoman's loss right in her face.

Later, Wayne calls the bank to ensure that Kyle donated the money. She did: to a pet shelter. Bruce Wayne comments that Selina Kyle truly is an interesting creature.


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