On a large cargo ship, the Riddler is holding a man hostage and asking him riddles. The cargo ship is rigged to blow any time Riddler commands it with his cane.

Quote1 You and me work to together? I'm in to riddles, not jokes. Quote2
The Riddler

Appearing in "Riddler's Revenge"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


  • Riddler (Origin) (Flashback and main story)
    • Riddlemen
  • Chuck Gorman (Flashback and main story) (Single appearance)
  • Julie (Flashback and main story) (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Harris
  • Mr. Burk
  • Edward Nigma's Father (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Riddler's Revenge"

On a large cargo ship, the Riddler is holding a man hostage and asking him riddles. The cargo ship is rigged to blow any time Riddler commands it with his cane. Suddenly, the Batman arrives and cuts the hostage free. As Riddler and Batman fight, the hostage, referred to as Gorman, makes his escape with Riddler's cane on a lifeboat.

Once Gorman is a safe distance away, he detonates the bombs himself. The man is disappointed that he has to explode his own ship but he has to to finally get rid of the Riddler once and for all.

Batman and Riddler are still fighting when the boat begins to explode. Wayne looks as the cargo containers are flung from side to side. The hero sees no form of escape.

In an attempt to save his and Edward Nigma's life, Batman grabs the dazed Riddler and leaps into a nearby cargo container. The explosions on the boat send the container flying into the air and into the water. A long metal tower ontop of the boat then collapses on the same container. The large box sinks to the bottom of the water, held down by an unmovable tower.

At Dick Grayson's school, the young boy is in cooking class when a distress signal from Batman sounds. Grayson fakes a stomach ache, but his teacher, Mr. Burk, doesn't believe him. Mr. Burk tells Grayson to sit back down.

In the storage container, Batman wakes up to find that they just hit the bottom of Gotham Bay. Batman demands a temporary truce between he and the Riddler until they get out. Nigma does not accept the truce and attempts to punch the dark knight. The hero easily avoids it, and beats Riddler to the ground. Back at school, Robin is standing in front of Mr. Burk with his cooking partner. The partner, who has been doing all the work, made a disgusting dish of soup and licorice. Grayson, seeing an oppurtunity to get out of class, offers to prove that the dish is actually edible. Of course, Grayson eats it and immediately vomits. Mr. Gork allows Grayson to go home, since the boy is obviously not faking anymore.

Back with Batman, Riddler goes into a long story about his past.

Time flashes back. Edward Nigma recalls how he always loved puzzles in his youth. However, his antagonistic father saw no reason for puzzles. He wanted Nigma to be into sports.

As Nigma grew up, his love for puzzles also increased. Soon, Nigma became a master thief and safe cracker. Trying to put his past behind him, Nigma became a scientist with a woman named Julie. The two invented a machine that could give the user advanced mind powers.

One day, Gorman bursted through the door and offered to buy Nigma's invention. Frustrated that Gorman would dare offer, Nigma kicked the bidder out of the lab and began to bond more with Julie.

At the invention's introduction at a fancy house, the president of the university walked over to Nigma to congratulate him. The president also introduced the man who paid for the night, Chuck Gorman.

Nigma ignored Gorman's hand and asked if the president would like to be the first example of the invention. The man accepted, and Nigma placed a small mechanical circle on the president of the university's head.

On stage, Nigma and Julie began their display of their invention. Nigma told the president to read the entire book entitled "Laws of Physics." The president began to read and immediately begins flipping through the pages. He finished the entire book in less than a minute. Nigma, proving that his invention works, asked the president a few questions about the laws of physics. The president, in turn, got every question correct, even quoting the book itself.

Suddenly, the president fell to the floor. The disk on his head began to smoke. The crowd booed Nigma for nearly killing the president with his invention. Julie and Gorman went to help the president, and Gorman yelled at Edward for testing such a dangerous weapon. Nigma knew on the inside that it was Gorman who sabotaged his invention.

Time flashes back to the present. Robin is desperately trying to find the location of Batman's SOS. The boy doesn't realize that the hero is trapped under water.

THe flashback continues. Riddler mentions that, after the university kicked him out, he went into "interior decorating."

Chuck Gorman entered his house one night to find a large, green question mark on the floor. Finding another to the hallway on the left, Gorman followed it. The door behind him slammed shut, and Gorman realized it was a trap. Nigma's voice began to play, taunting the trapped man. Gorman discreetly calls for 911.

Nigma began his first riddle for Gorman: What eleven letter word does everyone pronounce incorrectly? Gorman refused to answer, until Nigma tapped a button that caused the walls to slowly cave in. Gorman finally realizes the answer: incorrectly! The answer is incorrectly. Riddler congratulated Gorman and then tapped another button. Gorman then fell through a trap door below him.

Gorman is thrown into the next room. Nigma asked: Forwards it is heavy, backwards it is not. Batman then entered the room, not seen by either Riddler or Chuck Gorman. Gorman figured out the answer: a ton! But, Riddler said that he was out of time, and a piece of the ceiling began to descend on Gorman.

Luckily, the Batman jumped out and pushed Gorman out of the way. The hero's presence was now known. Riddler introduced himself to Batman and then openned the next room.

In the next room, Batman read the next riddle, which was strapped to a bomb: What is 4 + no. 5? Gorman, very rash about all of this, tapped the 9 button. The countdown for the bomb immediately accelerated. Batman then realizes that the problem is an inverted pun of the word "south." The hero typed it in and got it correct.

Frustrated, Nigma punched the table he was controlling every thing with. Batman, who heard the thump from a nearby room, through a batarang to expose the Riddler. Despite presumed loss, Riddler hit one last button that allowed him to escape.

Time is back to the present. The container Batman and the Riddler are in begins to bust. Water is now flooding in through the top.

Batman realizes that something is pinning them down since they are not floating. Wayne orders Nigma to help him try to push the container over. Nigma, at first, declines but later decides it is neccessary. The two, hero and villain, work together and break free from the debris.

On the surface, the container pops out of the water. Batman saws through the ceiling and leaps out. He offers his hand to the Riddler, who hesitatenly takes it.

Both of them ontop of the container, a mysterious boat approaches. As Batman tries to determine who it is, Riddler punches Batman to the ground. The boat is revealed to be the Riddler's henchmen. The throw him his cane. Riddler, standing over the beaten Batman, prepares to kill the hero with the sharp end of his staff.

Thankfully, Robin arrives and stops the Riddler from executing the dark knight. As Robin helps up his friend, he notices the Riddler and his goons escaping. They won't be able to catch up in all this fog.

In the same science lab Nigma worked in long ago, the Riddler enters to find Julie working. Julie recognizes his voice and she knows exactly why he is here. She smirks. She begins to explain why she sabotaged their project that fateful day.

Riddler orders his henchmen to grab Julie. One-by-one, the villain places their invention all over Julie's face. Nigma then grabs the controller, preparing to have Julie's mind explode.

Batman and Robin then arrive. A fight begins. The scuffle ends shortly, though, with Batman as the victor.

As the heroes begin to walk out, Batman orders Robin not to cut Julie out of her seat. The dark knight then asks his sidekick when the villain is not the villain. They all look to the unconscious Riddler, who begins to cry.


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