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The story begins with the Batsignal shining the in sky. Killer Croc has just gotten back to his sewer lair after a night on the town. His henchmen help him carry in more bags that are shown to be filled with money. As Jones dumps out the money on the table, he

Quote1.png Don't blame Joker. Blame the Bat. He had the opportunity to stop each and every one of you but was always prevented by some code-of-ethics. Now I'm left to finish a job he doesn't have the guts to. Quote2.png
The Rumor

Rumors is an episode of season 4 of The Batman. It premiered on March 3, 2007.

Synopsis for "Rumors"

The story begins with the Batsignal shining the in sky. Killer Croc has just gotten back to his sewer lair after a night on the town. His henchmen help him carry in more bags that are shown to be filled with money. As Jones dumps out the money on the table, he turns around to see his three henchmen tied up and gagged. Croc automatically assumes it is Batman but upon smelling the air, he knows now that it is someone else. An invisible force then grabs his tail and flips Croc around. Croc is then beat around by this invisible man to the point of knocking Jones out.

Croc reawakens in a glass cage with his hands, legs, and mouth tied shut. The invisible man is now visible. The camera pans out to show several other villains who have been captured: Mr. Freeze, Black Mask, and even Croc's thugs themselves.

In Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are watching the news. As it turns out, dozens of villains have gone missing do to this new vigilante. This new guy is starting to give Batman a bad name. Wayne and Grayson need to investigate and suit up.

After investigating a little, Batman discovers that the new vigilante isn't handing the villains to the police, he's collecting them. In the art museum, the two heroes find Catwoman trying to steal a piece of art. After a brief conversation, the two find the Penguin who pops out behind some art. He says that he wants to turn himself in and automatically surrenders to the Dark Knight without a fight. Batman, assuming that it's a trap, is skeptical. Penguin gets down on his knees and begs Batman for protection from this new vigilante.

Just then, Penguin becomes targeted by an odd sniper laser. Robin saves him just in time though. The sniper is none other than the new invisible vigilante. The rumored vigilante ascends from the rafters and becomes visible. He tells Batman to stay away from the criminals, but, as predicted, Batman starts a fist fight with the new guy. When Robin joins the fight, the new guy turns invisible again and trapped the heroes under a fallen piece of art. The Penguin and Catwoman both attempt to run but are easily captured by this rumored hero.

Back in the Batcave, this new vigilante (now named Rumor) is using a special fiber that reflects light that makes him invisible. The only person who sells this cloth is named Paul Karon. The heroes want to pay him a visit.

In the place where the villains are being kept, Bane attempts to break out of his cell to no avail. Dr. Strange tries to use psychology to discover what Rumor plans to do to them. The Ventriloquist looks at Scarface, who is in another cell than he is, disappointed that he doesn't have his puppet. Rumor stands in the rafters above all of their glass cells saying how they were sentenced to life in this jail he's made himself. Rumor also says that their lives won't be much longer anyway.

At night, Batman and Robin talk to Paul Karon at Karon Industries. Karon at first seems suspicious but when he pulls out his chair and shows that he is disabled from the waist down, they are amazed.

Karon goes on to talk about how he became disabled. At a science convention, he was showing his new invention that used low-levelled frequencies to shoot through a building. The government was astounded. So was Joker. Joker begins to attack Karon, but Batman swoops in and stops the clown. The Joker does manage to shoot a rocket, though, collapsing part of the ceiling. The ceiling landed right on Karon and he was hurt badly. The now handicapped man blamed the Batman for his paralysis.

In present day, Karon calls in his bodyguard Mario to kick Batman out, but, by the time Mario gets in, Batman has already disappeared. The two are actually sitting right outside the window. Batman says they are not done with their interrogations yet.

Batman and Robin sneak into the Karon Industries lab and discover Karon sitting in his wheel chair. The heroes hide behind some crates as a machine dresses Karon into "biolegs." Paul Karon is Rumor!

Batman and Robin sneak back out and into the Batmobile. Their new plan is to catch Karon in the act so they can find the captured villains. Robin asks why they need to save villains. Batman says that it's the harder way but the right way.

Joker is Rumor's next target. Rumor drops in on the Joker as he is watch television. The Clown Prince laughs and turns on the lights to expose several armed henchmen ready to attack the new vigilante. Rumor easily beats all the henchmen and abducts the Joker.

Back at Karon Industries, Batman continues to interogate Paul Karon, but he honestly says that he puts the suit on just so he can feel normal again. He swears he's not the Rumor. Batman is now stumped again. To prove his aliby, Karon says to talk to his body guard Theo. Wayne now knows who the Rumor really is!

In the place where the villains are being held, the Rumor says the executions will now begin. Hugo Strange, ready to accept his fate, only wants to know the man's backstory. The Rumor removes his mask to show that he is really Mario, Karon's other body guard. Mario wants revenge on the scum of the city for paralyzing his boss and he hates the Batman for not killing the villains himself.

Batman then arrives with Robin. The men exchange insults and then Batman throws blue paint on the Rumor. Now, even if he goes invisible, they can see him. A fight occurs. Robin is quickly defeated, but Batman beats Mario without taking a hit.

Batman, standing over a beaten Mario, accidentally opens the cages of all the villains. Now, they want to rip the rumor apart. Batman defends the Rumor anyway because he knows that it's right. Batman and Robin defeat all the villains and shut off the execution machine. The day is saved.

Outside the building, all of the villains are rounded up except for Catwoman. She, however, stands with Batman and Robin on top of the building. She flirtatiously says thanks to Batman and that he's still the scariest vigilante in Gotham. She then runs away as Robin and Batman watch her.

Appearing in "Rumors"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

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Other Characters:

  • Paul Karon (Flashback and main story)
  • Theo





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