The story begins with Ellen Yin returning home to her apartment. She is tired and hungry. Yin finds a pizza delivery service pamphlet on the floor and decides she will order some pizza. The calls the pizza place and they say they will be at her apartment in thirty seconds

Quote1 How many Jokers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Wouldn't know! They're too busy loosening the Batman's screws! Quote2

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Synopsis for "Strange Minds"

The story begins with Ellen Yin returning home to her apartment. She is tired and hungry. Yin finds a pizza delivery service pamphlet on the floor and decides she will order some pizza. The calls the pizza place and they say they will be at her apartment in thirty seconds or less.

Trying to figure out why the man said "thirty seconds," Yin's door bell rings. It's the pizza delivery man. She opens the door, and finds the man to be the Joker. The villain sprits Ellen Yin with seltzer and she passes out.

At a Gotham opera house, Bruce Wayne is watching an opera performance. He is obviously bored and waiting for it to be over.

After the performance, Bruce Wayne is approached by the psichiatrist Dr. Hugo Strange. Wayne has heard of him and they begin to have a conversation. Strange mentions that he is excited to work with Wayne in Wayne Enterprises. Bruce is slightly confused. Strange reminds the billionaire that they will be working together on a device that will cure all of the criminally insane.

Their conversation is interrupted by a visit by the Joker. The villain begins wrecking havoc when he notices Hugo Strange. Joker stops his shananigans to state his bone to pick with the Arkham doctor.

Batman arrives and begins to fight the Joker. Joker pauses the fight to say inform the Dark Knight that he has Ellen Yin. Batman beats the Joker and begins his search for Yin.

In the Batmobile, Batman tries to contact Ellen Yin, but she is away from her communicator. She is dressed in a harlequin costume and tied to a bomb.

At Arkahm Asylum, Angel Rojas is trying to interrogate Joker about Ellen Yin. Batman is listening outside the window. Joker refuses to say where she is hiding, but that she will explode in eight hours. He will release her with no injuries if Arkham Asylum lets him go. Rojas refuses the offer.

Hugo Strange enters the room and says the only way to save Detective Yin is to use his new invention: a two way radio that can tap into any person's mind. It has not been tested, but this is the perfect time. Rojas, at first, refuses to let Strange use this device, but Strange pursuades him. The Arkham doctor begins to set it up. Batman has left his perch outside the Arkham window.

In the Batcave, Wayne takes out the prototype of Hugo Strange's invention that was sent to Wayne Enterprises earlier that month. Batman's plan is to hack into Hugo Strange's frequency and enter Joker's mind himself. With someone more experienced with the Joker inside his mind, it will be much easier to find Yin's location.

Wayne straps up to the prototype in the Batcave, while Joker and Strange strap up to the machine in Arkham Asylum. The scientists turn it on and all three of the men pass out.

Strange awakens and says the machine isn't working. Strange gets up off the table and finds his machine has been tampered with. He looks up and all of the doctors are gone except for one. It is the Joker. The machine worked; Strange is inside Joker's mind.

Joker's mind resembles a twisted purple carnival with Gotham City in the backround. Instead of trying to find Detective Yin's location like he was meant to, Strange tries to psycologically evalaute Joker by looking into his childhood.

Batman arrives in Joker's mind and is instantly noticed by the Joker. Batman notes that Joker will not consciously tell Batman about Yin's location. He has to look into Joker's subconscious mind.

On the search in Joker's mind, Batman finds Joker's Idea Factory. When he arrives inside, he is met by Joker's former self. His former self says that Batman is looking in the wrong area. The hero should look in the "Current Schemes" section. Joker's voice is heard over the intercomm, chastising his former self for giving away "family secrets." The floor gives out under the man and he falls into a vat of acid. He pops out of the acid as the Joker we know today.

Batman moves on to Joker's Current Schemes section. When he gets in, a trap activates and Batman falls into a hole.

The hero pops out in the Hall of Mirrors and finds Hugo Strange. Strange asks how Batman managed to get into Joker's mind; Strange is the only one with his machine. Suddenly, the Joker attacks Strange and Batman leaves to go search for more clues about Yin.

Batman enters Joker's version of the Opera House and finds a show already in session. It is a puppet show, showing Detective Yin screaming for help in a jack-in-the-box. Puppet Batman comes to the rescue but he is too late. Yin explodes and the puppet flies into the audience. Next, the Hugo Strange puppet comes onto stage and begins to talk to puppet Batman.

The real Batman interrupts the puppet show and begins to interrogate one of the Jokers in the audience. The rest of the Jokers become frustrated at the hero and tackle him. Batman is pinned to the ground by all of the Jokers. Batman is going insane inside Joker's mind and begins to laugh evilly.

In the Batcave in real life, Alfred is worried seeing Bruce Wayne laughing in his sleep. Alfred begins to talk to the still unconscious Wayne.

In Joker's mind, Wayne sees the outside world and Alfred attempting to talk to him. Batman snaps out of his growing insanity to finish his mission. Batman's plan goes slightly awry when a gigantic Joker monster grabs the hero and swallows him whole.

Batman falls down Joker's throat and hits the ground in an Arkham Asylum cell. Batman recalls Hugo Strange's mentioning that the machine was two way. Batman imagines an exit to the Arkham Asylum cell and both he and Joker jump in.

Joker awakes on the table in Arkham Asylum. He is frustrated that he has woken up. He was having fun. Detective Yin walks into the room and states how Joker was so distracted with Batman, Hugo Strange had the opportunity to look through Joker's subconscious for her location. Joker is frustrated. He thought hiding her under the Opera House was the perfect spot!

Suddenly, all of the people in the room (Strange, Rojas, Yin, and a guard) reach for their necks and rip off their masks. It is revealed that they are all the Batman. Joker isn't awake. He's in Batman's mind! Wayne pushes Joker back into the villain's own mind.

In the Batcave, Wayne wakes up. Alfred asks the billionaire about his sanity, but Batman is fine. Joker didn't get to him. Wayne puts on his mask and runs out to go find Yin.

In the Opera House, the count down clock is about to finish: 5,...4,...3,...2,...1. The clock stops as Batman hits it with a batarang. Detective Yin was saved just in time.

In Arkham Asylum, Joker has been returned to his cell. He is bawling.

In his office, Hugo Strange is doing a voice recording of his experience in Joker's mind. He says that he is more excited for his next experiment: the Batman.


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  • Joker's former self falling into the vat of acid is a reference to one of Joker's back stories where he falls into some acid.

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