One Gotham night, a monster is stalking the waters near the city. The mysterious creature approaches the shore and begins to leap from car to car in the street.

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Killer Croc

Swamped is an episode of season 2 of The Batman. It premiered on June 11, 2005.

Synopsis for "Swamped"

One Gotham night, a monster is stalking the waters near the city. The mysterious creature approaches the shore and begins to leap from car to car in the street.

In a nearby dark alley, three thieves are escaping from a building with many valuables. The monster, revealed to be a talking crocodile, leaps from the building above and tells the thieves that they are his henchmen now. The thieves laugh atthe monster and prepare to attack him. The crocodile easily beats each of the thugs and then formally introduces himself as Killer Croc.

In the Batcave, Bruce Wayne is doing some research on many recent heists in Gotham. Alfred enters the room carrying some evidence from past cases. The butler says that the evidence will make a nice addition to the Batcave, in a museum type way.

Wayne then realizes the connection between all of the heists. They were all done nearby canals running through the city. That's how all of them are connected.

In the Gotham Bay, Batman is patrolling the waters for suspicious activity. He comes along the thieves from the beginning of the story and decides to investigate.

Batman leaps onto the boat and is greeted by the three thieves. They try to attack him, but, again, are easily defeated. Killer Croc watches as his henchmen are beaten to a pulp by the hero.

When Wayne is done beating the villains, Killer Croc shows himself to the hero. Croc throws tanks of fuel at Batman, but they end up rolling into the water. Killer Croc and Batman then begin to fight one-on-one, but Croc ends up winning. The villain tackles Batman into the water and the hero begins to drown.

At the bottom of the bay, Batman, beginning to die, notices a tank of fuel that Croc had thrown into the water before. The hero uses a batarang to puncture the canister and quickly fly to the surface. Batman, gasping for air, turns around to find Killer Croc escaping with his cronies. There is no way the hero can catch up now.

In Killer Croc's headquarters, which is in the sewers, his henchmen are bad mouthing their boss. Croc rises from the water and threatens them. The three thieves cower in fear, but Croc doesn't harm them. He says that, by tomorrow, Gotham will be destroyed and downtown will be theirs to control.

Bruce Wayne is sitting in his chair in the Batcave, frustrated at his loss to Croc. The news alert pops on the screen and reveals that Gotham has been hit by a terrible flood. The water is high above most of the buildings. Wayne and Pennyworth are shocked to see this, knowing that the cause was Killer Croc. Then, several bank alerts go off, even though they are now underwater. Batman suits up.

In the now waterlogged Gotham, Killer Croc and his henchmen are swimming up after stealing from the bank. Batman then arrives and Croc orders his men to split-up. Croc will deal with the Batman.

Batman and Killer Croc have a jet-ski race, but Batman is unsuccessful in stopping Croc. The villain hits the hero off of his vehicle, and Batman lands in the water. One of Croc's cronies tries to kill the Bat permanently by running him over with his own jet-ski, but Batman gets out of the water in time. The hero knocks out the henchman with a single kick to the face.

The thief wakes up upside-down looking at the Batman. Wayne begins to interrogate the henchman about Croc. The henchman is nervous at first, saying that Killer Croc will kill him if he talks. Batman persuades him and the thief tells Wayne about Croc's big plan. In Croc's lair, Batman, using the henchman's knowledge, walks ashore and finds many jewels. The hero as finds a map of Gotham.

Suddenly, Croc enters the room and begins to talk to the hero. Croc's plan is to flood downtown Gotham and kill everybody there. Then, he will be able to steal anything he pleases. Batman prepares to fight the villain, but Killer Croc calls upon his own pet crocodiles. The animals near Batman, and the villain leaves to go flood Gotham.

As the crocodiles near him, Batman confuses them and traps them inside a concrete pipe. Wayne then leaves the cave to go stop Killer Croc.

In the water canal control room, Croc is turning the valve so that it floods Gotham. Batman arrives in time and kicks both Croc and his henchmen to the floor. Wayne begins to drain the water, but the terrorist gets back up and beats down on the Bat. Croc then proceeds to flood downtown Gotham again.

Batman and Killer Croc get into a brawl over the valve control, undoing each others' progress. When Wayne finally gets the upper hand, he is able to drain the already soggy downtown Gotham.

In a final stand, Croc grabs Batman and drags him under the water. Batman comes to the realization that Killer Croc doesn't have gills. Croc needs air eventually, too. The hero breaks from Croc's grasp, places an oxygen filter onto his own mouth, and then batropes Killer Croc to a nearby pipe. The villain struggles to get free for some air.

Croc begins to rise from the water being carried by the Batman. The Dark Knight had beaten Killer Croc at his own game. In Gotham Sqare, Batman ties each of Croc's henchmen and Croc himself up to a statue. They are cleverly placed for the police to easily access them and take them to jail. Croc swears revenge on the Dark Knight, and Batman glides away.

Later, in the Batcave, Alfred is finishing polishing the old pieces of evidence. Bruce Wayne enters the Batcave, dirty and hurt. He's had a long day. He hands Alfred one of Killer Croc's broken teeth. Alfred is delighted to see another piece of evidence added to his collection.

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