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The episode begins with Penguin watching a spy movie. One of the characters mentions that teamwork is the "blueprint" for success. Penguin, agreeing with the statement, begins to assemble his own team to take down Batman.

Quote1.png Hmm. A team of Gotham's greatest villains to do the job we haven't been able to do alone: clip the the bat jerk's wings permanently. Quote2.png
The Penguin

Team Penguin is an episode of season 4 of The Batman. It premiered on September 30, 2006.

Synopsis for "Team Penguin"

The episode begins with Penguin watching a spy movie. One of the characters mentions that teamwork is the "blueprint" for success. Penguin, agreeing with the statement, begins to assemble his own team to take down Batman.

The setting transfers to show Bane robbing a bank. Batgirl arrives first at the scene, followed by Bruce Wayne (The Batman TV Series) Batman, and then finally Robin. Batman tells Robin to follow a certain tactic, but, to spite Batgirl, he follows his own technique. Bane quickly grabs both the boy wonder and Batgirl, leaving Batman to throw a batarang at Bane's Venom supply and instantly beat him.

Meanwhile, Penguin talks with his assembled team: Killer Croc, Rag Doll, and Firefly. They had sent a request to Bane but, due to his capture at the bank, it is obvious he's out. Team Penguin also sent requests to the Joker and Mr. Freeze, but those villains rejected the team, too. Suddenly, a new villain, Killer Moth, walks in an auditions for the team. Although he is an awesome villain and disgusting, he is a gigantic fan of the Penguin and a great lackey.

In the Batcave, Robin practices his fighting on a robot while Batman researches Penguin's new gang getting worried.

The scene switches to an unknown warehouse where Killer Croc swims through the sewers. As he pops out of the water, he notices two security guards whom he immediately strikes with his tail. Then, Rag Doll hops out of Croc's backpack and into a small window in one buildings. Rag Doll climbs through the window and finds the security guard watching the cameras. Rag Doll knocks him out with one punch. With the security disabled, Penguin, Firefly, and Killer Moth are able to enter. Firefly cuts through the metal of one of the warehouses and finds a supply of chemicals which Penguin says is what they were there for. Just as he says that, he notices the Bat Signal shining in the sky.

Batman and Robin quickly arrive at the scene with Penguin and Killer Moth waiting for them. Robin begins to beat down Penguin for calling him a "lackey." Batgirl then arrives and mocks Grayson's energy. Suddenly, the rest of Team Penguin arrives and begins to attack Team Batman.

The fight continues with Batgirl and Robin getting in each others' ways. But, Team Penguin becomes victorious as Team Batman becomes trapped under several barrels. Penguin cuts the gasoline valves and allows Firefly to set the gas on fire. Salvation looks bleak for the heroes.

Thankfully, Batman uses a handheld jet to shoot the barrel trapping him off of him. Rushing, he rescues Robin and Batgirl as well. The heroes run off the Batmobile as the warehouse explodes.

In the Penguin's icecream truck, the villains are celebrating their victory. Rag Doll suggests changing the team name to "Villains United" to which Penguin comically rejects telling him to shut up.

In the Batmobile, Robin and Batgirl continue to criticize each other. Batman tells the children that Penguin doesn't realize that he's stolen a highly dangerous chemical and that his team is in danger. The team heads to "the hideout" which Gordon is surprise that Grayson knows about. Batgirl sarcastically says to tell the new sidekick Batman's secret identity, too, but she finds out, Robin knows that as well.

The heroes go to a cave and Batman begins taking off his suit. Batgirl is surprised to know that her partner is Bruce Wayne! She then deduces that her new rival, Robin, is Dick Grayson. Disappointed that his secret has been given up, Grayson demands to know Batgirls secret identity. Gordon refuses, saying she wants to play up the role of "hero," but Wayne has no time for games and casually says she's Barbara Gordon. Robin laughs at her as she takes off her mask as well.

Now, Team Penguin has a new mission. Break into the building belonging to millionaire Robert Howard. Firefly mentions how he tried to get in once but breaking into that building is impossible. Penguin seems sure they can get in, since they have a top-notch team. He tells them his plan: disable the security, use the chemical they stole to burn down the door to the vault, and take the ruby-encrusted penguin! Croc, Firefly, and Rag Doll are disappointed that all their work is for a stupid bird. Penguin says next time they can steal an alligator or something. Now they just have to wait for Killer Moth with the chemicals.

Killer Moth had stopped for some donuts before going on his way to the Penguin. Like Batman had predicted, the chemicals are radiating an odd gas that is affecting the moths that surrounded Killer Moth. The radiated bugs begin to phase into his costume, but Moth doesn't seem to notice.

In the Batcave, Robin and Batgirl practice as they brag about their past achievements to each other. Wayne is trying to figure out what Penguin plans to do with the universal solvent chemical. The alarm starts ringing. They found the Penguin at Howard's mansion. They're on their way.

Back with Team Penguin, Killer Moth arrives, driving like a maniac. Penguins opens the back of the truck to find a disgusting cocoon that they assume is Killer Moth. Penguin sarcastically suggests they buy him a wreath. Killer Croc is done with the team, he says. And walks away frustrated. Penguin doesn't mind, after all, more for the rest of them. Rag Doll and Firefly decide to walk away, too. Cobblepot's off his nut!

Just then, the cocoon breaks open to expose a completely mutated Killer Moth. He is now a gigantic real moth. Walker doesn't notice the change at first until he looks at his reflection in the window. He demands respect from the other villains but says that Penguin is still their leader. Croc, Firefly, and Rag Doll, terrified of the new Killer Moth, happily rejoin the team. Penguin demands Croc to take the chemicals out of the back of the van. Jones is discouraged to do it, seeing the transformation Moth has gone through. Luckily, Firefly notes that Moth's saliva is just as corrosive as the chemical. They can just use him.

Batman then arrives at the scene with Robin and Batgirl. Their second fight ensues, but Penguin has a different idea for Killer Moth. Moth and Penguin should ditch the other three and get the ruby-encrusted penguin themselves. Killer Moth seems alright with that idea and has Cobblepot jump on his back. The newly transformed Walker burns a hole into the mansion using his spit as the others fight.

In the fight, Batgirl defeats Firefly, Robin defeats Rag Doll, and Batman defeats Killer Croc. Now they just have to find the last of Team Penguin.

Just as planned, Penguin finds the treasure in the safe and has Killer Moth rush them out. Unfortunately for him, Batman sees them and uses the batclaw to drag Penguin off of Moth. Batman fights the Penguin and the sidekicks fight Killer Moth. Just as Cobblepot is about to slice Batman with his umbrella blade, the sidekicks come riding an out-of-control Killer Moth who crashes into Penguin and breaks the roof their on. They were standing on top of the movie theater Penguin was in at the beginning of the episode and the same spy movie is playing. As he is about to pass out, he mumbles a quote just as one of the characters in the movie does.

The story raps up with the GCPD helicopter taking away Killer Moth. Robin and Batgirl begin to compliment each other on their teamwork when they see Wayne smile at their change of hearts for each other. Realizing they are getting along, they begin to insult each other again as they swing off into the night.

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  • Robert Howard (Mentioned only)
  • Actors playing spies (On a TV or computer screen)





  • This episode first aired in the United States on September 7th, 2006.


  • Penguin tells Killer Moth that he takes his coffee black with two lumps of suger.
  • This episode is based on Heist Movie genre.
  • The movie The Penguin is watching at the begginning of the episode is propably a nod to wikipedia:The Italian Job.

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