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The story begins with the new mayor of Gotham City giving a speech to hundreds of people. The mayor references the alien invasion the city expeirenced last year and that much work still needs to be done to repair Gotham. Gotham's sister city, Metropolis, is sending a check to help pay for damages. TThe Batman/Superman Story, Part I is an episode of season 5 of The Batman. It premiered on September 22, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Batman/Superman Story, Part I"

The story begins with the new mayor of Gotham City giving a speech to hundreds of people. The mayor references the alien invasion the city expeirenced last year and that much work still needs to be done to repair Gotham. Gotham's sister city, Metropolis, is sending a check to help pay for damages. The check is being delivered by none other than Superman himself. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen watch the speech behind Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. When Olsen shows his admiration for Superman, Grayson responds with sarcastic remarks saying how they have their own hero: Batman. Olsen then goes on to say the Batman isn't even a hero, but Superman is.

Lois Lane then gets a call from Clark Kent saying he lost his pass to get into the stadium they are in. Lane is frustrated at him and refuses to go back for him. This is exactly what Kent wants.

Back inside the building, the mayor announces Superman's arrival and the Man of Steel comes flying in. Grayson is amazed as he sees the hero swoop in. Superman begins to give a speech while giving the check but he is interrupted by a man jumping out of the audience. The man rips the check and begins to fight the superhero right on stage. Bruce Wayne runs off as the villain rips off his fake skin. It is really a man Superman recognizes as Metallo. Superman is pinned to the ground and cannot get up. Wayne watches on, not knowing what to do.

Superman manages to kick Metallo off of him but he is weakened from the kryptonite in Metallo's chest. Superman is kicked out of the building by Metallo. Wayne yells to Grayson that they need to get ready.

Outside the stadium they were in, Metallo beats down on the weakened Man of Steel. The supervillain picks up Kent and leaps buildings trying to find a place more "private."

Metallo drops Superman in a junk yard where the villain continues to hurt the hero. Suddenly, Batman comes swinging in and kicks Metallo in the face. As Metallo is dazed, Robin comes in riding his motorcycle and rams into Metallo head on. The metal villain then knocks Robin off of his motorcycle and punches Batman to the ground. All of a sudden, the Batmobile drives through the junk on autopilot and rams Metallo into a gas station, which blows up.

At the gas station, the Batmobile isn't even scratched and pulls out of the flames again on autopilot. Metallo still is alive though, but all of his fake skin has been peeled off at this point. Robin knocks out the kryptonite in Metallo's chest and Batman orders the sidekick to get it as far away as possible. Robin hops on his motor cycle and drives away. Metallo tries to chase Robin, but Batman uses the Batrope to hold him back.

Superman, recovering from his contact with kryptonite, sees that Batman is now losing the fight. Metallo has him in a tight bear hug and Batman is struggling. When the metal man sees his true enemy Superman is alive, he drops the Batman and fights the Man of Steel. Their fight is short as Superman punches Metallo into a car-crusher and turns it on. Metallo makes a couple of beeps and shuts himself off.

After the fight, Superman demands the kryptonite from Batman, but, since the two just met, they are not very trusting of each other. Superman uses his x-ray vision to see through Batman's costume. Superman mocks the Dark Knight by referring to him by his secret identity.

Suddenly, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen arrive for a news story. Lane asks if the two can shake hands. It would make a great picture! Unfortunately, the heroes aren't on friendly terms and just stare at each other. Batman says that Superman will have the kryptonite in 24 hours. Wayne hops into the Batmobile and rides off. Olsen, seeing the Batmobile, admits that Batman is pretty cool. Superman flies into the sky frustrated.

In Metropolis, Lex Luthor is frustrated that he has lost his last piece of big kryptonite. Now the Man of Steel is practically invincible. Luthor has an idea and says that are going to make a trip to the Gotham Division.

In the Batmobile, Robin expresses his anger towards Superman knowing Batman's secret identity. Batman tells Robin not to worry because they will know Superman's soon.

In the Batcave, Robin looks around the new tech lab in the Batcave. Suddenly, one of the new Bat-gadgets breaks down a door. The gadget is actually being controlled by Lucius Fox. Batman hands Fox the kryptonite and tells him to gift wrap it in lead. Wayne jumps onto the Batcomputer while Robin tests out the new jetpack Fox made for him. Using the Batcomputer, Batman determines that, whoever Superman is, works at the Daily Planet and lives in the Metropolis Garden Apartments.

In the Garden Apartments, Kent attempts to flirt with Lois Lane but she shoots him down. Kent opens the door to his apartments but ends up dropping his groceries. He uses his superhuman speed to pick them up. Suddenly, Wayne walks in commenting on his speed. Wayne hands Kent the kryptonite and asks if he's joining the Justice League. Kent refuses. Wayne says that he did, too, but he's reconsidering it.

In outer space, Superman flies up and throws the kryptonite at the Sun where it instantly explodes. He then flies back down to Earth.

Lois Lane is working late at the Daily Planet. Kent walks in with an evil smile on his face and starts having small chat with Lane. Suddenly, Kent raises his hands and shoots out gray goo. It's not Kent, it's Clayface and he abducts Lois Lane! Clayface locks Lane inside a limousine and Black Mask introduces himself. They're taking her back to Gotham.

In Gotham, Robin is flying around using his new jetpack and Batman is talking to him. Robin is then almost throw out of the sky when Superman comes flying by.

Superman busts through a warehouse wall to find Black Mask, Number One, and a captured Lois Lane. Black Mask points a laser at the hero and fires. Superman gets a headache and falls to the ground. The laser mimics the power of a red sun. Once Superman has lost his power, Bane comes out from behind a box and beats Superman to the ground. Superman beats Bane though and then is attacked by Clayface. Black Mask's henchmen then open fire on Superman. Sionis orders Mr. Freeze to attack now while he has the chance. Mr. Freeze freezes Superman solid. The hero is too weak to fight his way out.

The prediction is wrong and Superman busts out of the ice. The Man of Steel just used the rest of his energy and can no longer fight. Thankfully, Batman and Robin fly in and defeat most of the villians. Superman begins regaining his power using the sunlight through the hole in the wall that Batman made. The heroes defeat all the villains.

Lois Lane, upon being rescued, tells the three heroes that Black Mask was working with Luthor. Superman flies out to go have a "chat" with Luthor. Batman offers his assistance but gets no reply.

In Luthor's office, Superman confronts the man. Luthor defends himself saying that he's been catching villains himself. He reveals Poison Ivy in a bulletproof glass case. Luthor shows Superman some spores of Ivy's. Luthor opens the container and Superman becomes infected. The villain added kryptonite dust in it. The spores are mind control spores. Luthor now has complete control over the Man of the Steel. The screen fades to black and it says "To be continued..."

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  • Robin makes a Terminator reference when fighting Metallo by saying "Hasta La Vista, baby."

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