In a dirty factory, a scrawny man with glasses is staring at a ventriloquist dummy. Sudenly, an alarm clock goes off and startles the man. The dummy reminds the man that it is time.

Quote1.png Excuse me? Who are you calling dummy? Do I look stupid to you? Am I moron?! [...] The problem with these knuckleheads: they got no class. Quote2.png

The Big Dummy is an episode of season 1 of The Batman. It premiered on November 27, 2004.

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Synopsis for "The Big Dummy"

In a dirty factory, a scrawny man with glasses is staring at a ventriloquist dummy. Sudenly, an alarm clock goes off and startles the man. The dummy reminds the man that it is time.

At a different location the same night, the man, now known as Arnold Wesker, is with two big henchmen. The henchmen are helping Wesker move a pick-up truck up a flight of stairs.

Wesker is wearing the ventriloquist dummy on his hand when it begins to speak. The dummy introduces itself as Scarface. Scarface begins to boss his ventriloquist around. Wesker does as he is commanded.

As Wesker begins to walk away, one of the henchmen refuses to work for a dummy. Scarface hears this and treats the comment as an insult. Scarface, pulling Wesker with him, backs the henchman onto a converyor belt and turns it on. The belt leads to a rock smasher and, as the henchman is about to be killed, Scarface asks again if he is a dummy. The henchman screams no, and Scarface stops the belt before the henchman is murdered.

Scarface orders the man to continue working, and the crony does as told. The puppet tells Wesker that the problem with the henchmen is that they don't have any class.

At Wayne Manor some time later, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth are in the Batcave. Alfred is repairing the Batsuit while Wayne does research about recent crimes.

When Wayne turns on the Batcomputer, he finds the screen is set to a dating website. Wayne immediately assumes that Alfred is the one using the site, but the butler says that he only has been using it to find Bruce a date. Wayne defends himself by saying he's gone on many dates recently. Alfred rebuts by saying they were all part of a Batman mission. Pennyworth takes the liberty to begin writing Wayne's interests on the website.

Back at Scarface's location, the puppet is looking at blueprints while yelling at Wesker. The ventriloquist is discussing their retirement after the big heist, but Scarface doesn't want to talk about it right now. While they are walking, the villains accidentally walk over a secuirty laser without even knowing it. A silent alarm sounds.

Wayne and Pennyworth are still having a conversation on the billionaire's love life in the Batcave. Wayne tells Alfred not to post his picture or his income on the website. Batman doesn't want everyone messaging him because he's a billionaire. Suddenly, an alarm sounds and the dark knight suits up.

Back to Scarface's location, now revealed to be the Gotham Air and Space Museum, Batman arrives and begins to fight the henchmen. Once the henchmen are beaten to the ground, Scarface attempts to fight the dark knight himself.

The puppet's punch, of course, does absolutely no harm to the Batman. The hero is then tackled by one of the henchmen and Batman becomes trapped under a display. Scarface and the other villains leave the Batman brused under the display.

Batman builds up the strength to push the moon lander display off of him and escape back to the Batcave.

On the Batcomputer, Batman does research on Wesker and Scarface. He is suddenly interrupted by a chat request from a girl on the ating website. Batman, as the Batcomputer downloads more information on Wesker, decides to accept her chat request.

At Scarface's base, Wesker and the puppet enter after much weilding. The Ventriloquist picks up a glass of water and begins to drink. One of the henchmen wants to test Wesker's ventriloquist skills and starts a conversation with the dummy. Wesker, drinking water the entire time, is able to talk with the dummy the entire time he was drinking. The henchman claps, impressed with Wesker's skills.

Wayne hsa just finished his conversation with the girl Becky when an alarm sounds about a break in at a nearby computer factory. Batman rolls out.

At the computer factory, Batman agains stops in on Scarface's plans. The henchmen are oustide waiting in the getaway car. After a short fight, Batman confiscates Scarface from the Ventriloquist. Wesker charges at the hero and tries to pull his puppet back. Their fight over Scarface ends up with Batman accidentally throwing the dummy onto a conveyor belt. Wesker chases after Scarface, but the Batman grabs the man and holds him back.

The henchmen, hearing the commotion, enter the room and begin to fight the bat. As the henchmen fight the dark knight, Wesker takes the time to run after Scarface. By the time the man gets to his puppet, Scarface is already broken and beaten. However, the puppet is still "alive."

The Ventriloquist rushes out of the factory carrying the puppet until Scarface asks if their mission was successful. Wesker responds yes and shows the puppet a circuit board. Scarface demands Wesker to take him back to the headquarters. Their plan is almost complete.

Inside the factory, Batman finishes off beating up the henchmen and begins to interrogate them. They say his plan is to build a machine and extract gold from the Gotham Federal Reserve. The dark knight understands everything now.

At Scarface's headquarters, the machine is complete. It is a large robot identical to Scarface except much, much bigger. Wesker is sitting on the robots arm like a puppet.

In the Batmobile, Batman gets a call from Alfred about his date. Wayne is having second thoughts, saying that, if Batman is his dominant side, how can someone know the real Bruce Wayne?

At the federal reserve, the large Scarface robot begins to rip all of the gold out of a large safe. Batman shows up and notes that the robot's weak spot is Wesker on its arm.

After a brief fight, Batman ends up being squeezed by Scarface on a railroad track. Scarface says that their crime spree will continue, even when Batman is gone. Wesker begs the robot to retire, but Scarface yells at the man.

As the two fight, Batman notices a train approaching their position. Batman throughs a vile of acid into Scarface's eyes, and the robot trips onto the railroad track. The dark knight tackles Wesker off of the track, and the puppet is plowed by the train. Wesker cries, seeing his puppet permanently "die."

At a coffee shop that night, Becky is waiting for Bruce for their date. Alfred drives up next to her and tells the woman that Wayne will not be able to attend. Becky walks away disappointedly as the Batman watches from a large building.


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  • This is the third episode in Season 1 to have "The Big" in the title.

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