The story begins in the GCPD building. The officers are waiting for a certain call from a villain. The villain, Black Mask, has made an ultimatum with Gordon: give into demands or the city will be destroyed. The commissioner tells Black Mask that they don't have the mon
Quote1 You still don't get it, do you?! This time Batman doesn't save the day. Or you. Quote2
Black Mask

The Breakout is an episode of season 4 of The Batman. It premiered on November 11, 2006.

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Synopsis for "The Breakout"

The story begins in the GCPD building. The officers are waiting for a certain call from a villain. The villain, Black Mask, has made an ultimatum with Gordon: give into demands or the city will be destroyed. The commissioner tells Black Mask that they don't have the money. They need a little bit more time. Sionis is not in a giving mood and tell the GCPD that it's too late. As Black Mask inserts the code into his laptop, a batarang comes flying through the window and cracks the computer screen. Next flies in Batman who begins to fight Black Mask in a fist fight. Black Mask is easily defeated and tied up in Batman's bolas, but, suddenly, two robotic body guards belonging to Sionis come rushing in ready to fight. The body guards do not get a chance to fight because they are both simultaneously hit in the back of the head with Robin and Batgirl's batarangs. Black Mask is off to prison.

Outside Black Mask's hideout, Batman talks to Commisioner Gordon. They might have caught Black Mask, but they need to find the super weapon that he was going to use. Gordon dismisses it and says that Sionis was the only one with the code to use it. Batman is still nervous about the weapon still being out there so he takes Black Mask's computer to the Batcave for some answers.

As Batman begins to get into the Batmobile, Robin and Batgirl ask if they can find the weapon. Batman refuses and instead tells them to go on surveillance and watch the truck carrying Black Mask to prison. Reluctantly, the sidekicks follow orders and Batman drives off. The kids begin their sprint following the police escort while mocking Batman along the way for always giving them the boring missions.

On top of two buildings near the GCPD building, Robin and Batgirl watch with binoculars to make sure none of Black Mask's gang tries to set him free. However, they get distracted when they see a candy machine inside and deciede to leave their posts.

In the GCPD interrogation room, one of the officers says that Black Mask has no finger prints, no distinguishing marks, and they can't get the mask off. Gordon is undettered and begins his converstation with the villian.

In a certain warehouse, Batman begins his search. He is quickly welcomed by an eerie man who tells the Dark Knight that the shock-wave generator is no longer in that warehouse. Instead, there are many robotic body guards surrounding him. Batman puts up a fight but, when a weak floor board gives out and his foot becomes trapped, a robotic guard finishes off the hero with a baseball swing with a taser baton.

Waking up some time later, Batman finds that he is in a metal cage. The robots are redecoating an armored truck with GCPD stickers. As Batman realizes that they have taken his utility belt, the eerie man arrives and introduces himself as Number One, Black Mask's second in command. He explains how they retraced Black Mask's stolen laptop to find the hero so quickly. Number One tells Batman that, if he wants to make any threats, Black Mask will be there shortly to listen.

Back at the GCPD building, Robin and Batgirl are eating snack while looking at "wanted" posters. A truck pulls up at the police department and the sidekicks prepare to leave since they believe that it's back-up.

In the interrogation room, an odd knock-out gas begins to flow through the air vents, knocking out everyone in the room except for Black Mask. The gas continues to flow throughout the whole building, knocking out all the cops. Batgirl and Robin throw away their wrappers and begin to walk outside, not notcing the cops passing out in most of the rooms. Batgirl finally realizes what is going on as one of the police officers suddenly begins to cough and fall to the ground. Batgirl puts on her gas mask and forcefully puts one on the still-oblivious Robin. The sidekicks rush back in to the infected building.

Black Mask casually takes the keys off of one of the knocked-out police officers and tells the unconscious cops that he has a city to destroy.

Outside, Number One and a few robotic guards are waiting for Black Mask in the armored truck they were designing earlier.

Back inside the building, Batgirl finds the venting lever and pulls it. Almost immediately, the gas begins to go away, allowing the two kids to remove their gas masks. Just then, Black Mask slowly turns the corner to show himself to the sidekicks. They prepare for a fight. At first, Black Mask begins to beat the two heroes, but, thanks to Robin's quick thinking, Grayson uses a nearby fire extiguisher to confuse then beat Black Mask unconscious. The two drag the villian to a cell and close it just as he wakes up from his beating.

Back outside, Number One is impatiently waiting for his boss that should have been outside a long time ago. He knows something is wrong.

Back to the sidekicks, Robin taunts Black Mask inside his cell. Batgirl then notices that several armored trucks arrive filled with robotic body guards. Black Mask's henchmen swarm the building, ready to storm in for their boss. Batgirl, unsure of what to do, suddenly remembers the emergency gates that are meant to be used during a prison break. They could work just as well to keep people out. The two kids rush down stairs to the panel and leave Black Mask in his cell.

Downstairs, four henchmen are already inside. The plan is that Robin holds them off as Batgirl finds the button for the emergency gates. Robin, first, locks the door so that no more henchmen can come in for a minute. Testing all of the button, Batgirl finally finds the right button just as Robin finishes off the four henchmen. The GCPD building is now as strong as a fortress.

Back at Black Mask's cell, the villian tells Batgirl and Robin that Batman is probably captured by now. Robin tries to call Batman but gets no response. Black Mask says that Batman was the only road block in his freedom and that his two sidekicks are merely speed bumps. Black Mask says that, without Batman, Robin and Batgirl are nothing. Suddenly, the lights flash off. The guards have found a way in.

In the elevator shaft, several henchmen begin filling though. The two sidekicks stop most of the robotic guards, but they just keep coming. Batgirl and Robin find a way to stop that two. Batgirl cuts to rope to the elevator and causes a blockage at the only entrance they made in the shaft.

Back in the main lobby, Number One is with a guard who is using cutting through attempting to cut through the metal. Surprisinly, he is doing a rather good job. Number One finds the process still too slow and drives one of the armored trucks right through the metal. The guards now have an easy way in.

Batgirl and Robin don't know what to do now. They start to build a baracade around Black Mask's cell, but he only mocks them for their increativity. Black Mask then begins to ramble about what he will have his men do to the children once they are caught and Black Mask is set free. Then, the ceiling comes crashing down. The guards have gotten through the barrier, too. They taser Batgirl and Robin, take their utility belts, and throw them in their own cell. The henchmen and Number One then break Black Mask out. Number One informs his leader that the weapon is ready. All Sionis has to do is put in the code.

Batman is still stuck in the cage he was put in earlier. Only two guards are watching him. One decieds to taunt the hero by swinging the belt in front of his face. Batman tells the belt to activate its shock. The belt then shocks the guards unconscious. Batman grabs the belt through the cage and saws his way out in a second. Wayne is on the move again.

In the GCPD, Robin is upset that they lost so easily. Batgirl tells him to quit whining because she has a secret lockpick inside her boot. She easily opens the cage they're in and the two run out.

On the roof, a helicopter is waiting to take Black Mask far enough away from the weapon he is about to detonate. The villian thanks Number One for getting him out but then taser him unconscious for doing it so slowly. Black Mask then assigns a new Number One, just a random henchman. Just as he finishes, Robin and Batgirl land on the roof. Sionis hops into the helicopter and it begins take off. Batgirl manages to hang on to the ladder, but Robin does not make it in time. The boy wonder instead throws his batrope and hangs onto the ladder that way.

After a brief scuffle on the ladder, Black Mask punches Batgirl off. Robin misses catching her, but all is well since she lands on on a tall building with minimal injuries. She runs fast enough to be able to jump back onto the ladder and try fighting again. Black Mask then throws Robin off the ladder, but the boy catches himself at the bottom of the ladder again. Black Mask of course gets into the helicopter first and quickly puts in the launch codes.

Batgirl gets up into the helicopter second and raps Black Mask in her batrope. Robin watches the driver. Black Mask states how he is still victorious as the computer counts down. 5...4...3...2...1...0. Sionis gasps in horror as he finds out that the weapon didn't work. Nothing happened!

Landing back at GCPD, they discover that Batman was the one who defused the bomb. He is just finishing up his work. Black Mask is taken away for good this time. Batman then asks who wants to wash the Batmobile.


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  • The code for the weapon that Black Mask puts in at the beginning of the episode is 481518.

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