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The Body started taking down the most prominent crime lords in Gotham, starting with the Penguin and then targetted Mister Freeze and the Ventriloquist. After gaining strength, the body started replacing the

The Body is a group of beings formed of soil with the ability to adopt the human shape and language. They were enemies of Batman.


The Body started taking down the most prominent crime lords in Gotham, starting with the Penguin[1] and then targetted Mister Freeze[2] and the Ventriloquist.[3] After gaining strength, the body started replacing the Gotham City population with evil doppelgangers until their numbers were as large as an army. When Batman posed a threat, they tried to eliminate him as well.[2] The Body created a perfect replica of a missing girl to lure Batman into a trap, which was unsuccessful. After this, The Body surrounded and cornered Batman at the rooftop of a building, outnumbering him a hundred-to-one. Batman was saved by the timely arrival of Penguin, who sought revenge against The Body for destroying the Iceberg Lounge and attacked them with three choppers armed with rotating-barrel machine guns.[4]

Shortly after, The Body tried to eliminate The Ventriloquist, as he knew all about their organization. They attacked the hospital in which Wesker was recovering but they were stopped by Robin, who was soon joined by James Gordon[5] Together they fough waves of enemies when The Body invaded the hospital and kept Wesker and Ivers safe.[6]

When Batman entered Raleigh Park, he located the source of creation of the dirt men and stopped a ceremony of transformation. However, Mr. Friendly, the one in charge of the creation of the monsters killed himself in front of Batman. At that moment, a large group of The Body gathered around the GCPD Headquarters, waiting to ambush Batman.[7]

However, it was Batman who attacked first and led them to the Gotham Waterfront Project, their secret base of operations and after fighting them for a while, Batman left the place and caused a gigantic explosion, destroying the base of operations and all of the members of The Body as well, ending their threat.[8]


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