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The Book was worshipped by the Cult of the Unwritten Book. Held against his will, he broke with the cult and helped the Doom Patrol take them down.

It's unknown where the Unwritten Book was born, or what his true name was prior to be found by the Cult of the Unwritten Book. He was born with quite peculiar birthmarks, covering his entire body with an unknown alphabet, tattoos that were actually letters from a forbidden book. Said book held the key to the destruction of the universe, and the Cult had been waiting for its appearance for eons: the boy was found when he was only six years old, and his parents were recruited by the Cult, but they didn't last long, as they were soon after turned into Windows of Warning, some of the monstrous abominations serving the Cult. After his parents' transformation, the boy was entrusted to a couple of occultists, who he simply knew as the "doctors", who studied his body and monitored any development in the completion of the book. When the Unwritten Book was fourteen years old, the Cult decided that the doctors had accomplished their mission, and killed them in front of him. This was the last straw for the boy: raised among horrors and demons, constantly terrified and haunted by the certainty of being the one destined to destroy the world, he finally escaped, and started a new life on the run. Realizing that the Cult's agents always found him, he never stopped, never stayed in the same place for too long, never gave them the chance to locate him and send some of their monstrosities to collect him. Some part of him maybe believed that this way he would have managed to avoid his hunters forever, but deep down he knew he had only bought time.

Eventually, of course, he was found. It happened more or less ten years after he had escaped, and he was staying in a cheap hotel in Barcelona, Spain. It was here that a group of Dry Bachelors, assassins created with love letters thrown away and skin scales, attacked in mass, murdering everyone they found. The Unwritten Book managed to avoid being located by the Mystery Kites, scouts made with the skin of murder victims, but he couldn't help but beingseen by the Never Never Boys, a trio of formidable hunters-trackers who spotted him in the hotel corridor, as he was trying to escape. The boy had no way to run, but he jumped out a window, and rushed in a nearby alley: here, he hid among the trash, slowing his heartrate so that the Mystery Kite couldn't smell his fear and find him, and bought some other minute. When the Kites were gone, he resumed his running, but he stumbled upon a self-appointed Templar Knight, Willoughby Kipling, and a trio of freaks who introduced themselves as the Doom Patrol, but who could have just as well been some monsters from the Cult. Kipling, Robotman, Negative Man and Crazy Jane tried to convince the Book to come with them, but he obviously didn't trust them, until the Hiroshima Shadows, ghosts of pulverized people, attacked them, and the Doom Patrol swiftly disposed of them. This was enough for him to trust his unlikely saviors, and he followed them back to the hotel, the last place, according to Kipling, where the Cult would have looked for him. Now, he had only to trust his weird allies, who apparently had a plan to stop the upcoming apocalypse: as for him, he couldn't do anything but stay in his hotel room, with Crazy Jane as a bodyguard, waiting to know what his destiny would have been.