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The Boys is a covert C.I.A. team created to put superheroes in check.


In one of their early missions, they confronted The Seven. The incident caused the death of Greg Mallory's grandchildren[1] and possibly Lamplighter.[2] They disbanded and went on with their lives until Susan L. Rayner contacted Billy Butcher to regroup them. As he knew Mallory wouldn't agree to return, Butcher recruited Wee Hughie for the cause, since his girlfriend died as collateral damage during a superhero outing.[1] Their most recent mission was to blackmail the Teenage Kix and make them expose one of their members before The Boys chose for them.[3] It was a success, but the Kix found out their location and fought them. The plan changed into beating them into submission, but Hughie accidentally killed one of their members. By using his contacts on the C.I.A., Butcher covered Hughie's tracks and put the blame on time terrorists.[2]


Equipment: Compound V

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