"Batman and the Joker: "Only Angels Have Wings"": During a live broadcast of TV News in Gotham City, Penguin attempts to take over the transmission, but he is murdered by the Joker. As millions of people witness the ghastly event, [[Bruce Wayne (Earth-One)|Ba

Quote1.png Somebody plucked the little bird's feathers... but it wasn't me! Don't look so skeptical, cape kiddo! Have I ever lied to you-- oops, heh heh, let me put that another way... Have I ever denied credit for my acts of criminal brilliance? Where's the glory in that, I ask you? Admit it, Bats-- you know that if I'd killed him, I'd gladly own up! Why, I'd be giving interviews! Quote2.png

The Brave and the Bold #191 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1982. It was published on July 15, 1982.

Appearing in Batman and the Joker: "Only Angels Have Wings"

Featured Characters:


  • Penguin
  • Murphy (Single appearance)
  • Harvey (Only appearance; dies)
  • McGee (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Alfred Pennyworth (Cameo)
  • Robin Fletcher (Single appearance)
  • Louise Peacock (Single appearance)




Synopsis for Batman and the Joker: "Only Angels Have Wings"

During a live broadcast of TV News in Gotham City, Penguin attempts to take over the transmission, but he is murdered by the Joker. As millions of people witness the ghastly event, Batman jumps out of his Penthouse and goes looking for the murderer.

By the next night, Batman has not been able to find a clue until he is summoned to junkyard by the Joker, who tells Batman that he didn't murder the Penguin, but it was someone else impersonating him. Joker explains that he followed the phony Joker and interrogated his gang, but could learn nothing as most of them escaped and he murdered the last remaining thug. After a convincing explanation, Joker gets Batman to work on his side in order to find the Penguin's murderer.

Together, Joker and Batman sweep the city looking for the criminal and their investigation leads them to the Penguin's hideout, where his thugs are preparing his corpse for the funeral. It is then that Batman realizes that the Joker actually cared for the Penguin and that he couldn't have killed him.

Batman makes quick investigations at the church where the Penguin's funeral will take place and he eventually deduces the identity of the killer. The day of the funeral, Batman awaits in the shadows for the criminal to make a move and true to his deductions, the Penguin shows up as part of the choir and attempts to kidnap the visiting Cardinal, hoping to get a giant ransom from the Vatican. However, Penguin is shocked when he approaches the Cardinal and he removes his disguise to reveal the Joker underneath the costume.

With his plans foiled, Penguin attempts to escape and releases several birds inside the church, forcing Batman to remain in the hall and evacuate the place while Joker chases the Penguin. Finally, the Joker catches the Penguin and makes him pay for his mischievous plot and a few minutes later, Batman gets them both and decides to turn them into the authorities. While Penguin is vexed after his master scheme failed, Joker is still thrilled to have worked with his sworn enemy to capture an old friend.

Appearing in Nemesis: "Dead Man's Bluff!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Harley "Butcher" Boston
  • Blaine Sheffield (Final appearance)
  • The Council (Mentioned only)

Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Sheffield (Final appearance)



  • Razor Knife


  • None

Synopsis for Nemesis: "Dead Man's Bluff!"

Nemesis seeks to turn Carl Sheffield against the Council.


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