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"Batman and Catwoman: "The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne!"": A few months prior to his death, Batman wrote his memoirs and the most important chapter is the one in which he fell in love with his long-time enemy, Catwoman.

Quote1.png I found and captured the Scarecrow, of course... but more important... that night I found Bruce Wayne. And I found the woman who would share my life for the next twenty years. She's been gone, now, for many months it still seems impossible to me. Her death was pointless, tragic... but I have long since given up trying to find meaning in death. The meaning is in life, not death... and Selina's life was full of meaning as it was of love, and spirit and courage. And when my time comes to join her... I would only hope the same could be said for me. Quote2.png
Bruce Wayne

The Brave and the Bold #197 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1983.

Synopsis for Batman and Catwoman: "The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne!"

A few months prior to his death, Batman wrote his memoirs and the most important chapter is the one in which he fell in love with his long-time enemy, Catwoman.

Certain night, Commissioner Gordon contacted Batman after the Scarecrow had escaped. Batman noticed that Scarecrow used some of his trademark fear gas to make Gordon hallucinate and he went looking for the criminal.

However, Batman first needed to attend the wedding of an old lover, Linda Page, who he lost because of his crusade as Batman. While meeting Linda, Bruce also recalled the other women in his life that he abandoned because of his quest and at this point, Bruce Wayne seems like nothing more but a fake front to keep the Batman alive. During the wedding, the Scarecrow attacked and Bruce was forced to go into action. In the struggle, Batman was affected by the fear toxin, but he didn't notice and he started seeing his friends disappearing, vanishing in front of him, when in reality it was all an illusion.

Batman left in a hurry, but when he couldn't contact any friend, he went for the only person he could trust, Catwoman. Together, Batman and Catwoman went looking for Scarecrow and Batman was determined to make him pay for taking away his friends and family. The two overcame a series of obstacles left by Scarecrow, but they couldn't find the crook. At this point, both of them started bonding, revealing to each other the truth about their own past. The two of them realized that they are in need of love and all they wanted is someone they could hold and embrace. This realization was cut short by Batman's reluctance to accept the truth and he became more driven to capture the Scarecrow.

When Batman and Catwoman found a dummy of Scarecrow, they activated a new brand of fear gas, which made Batman afraid of cats and Catwoman afraid of Bats. When Batman started vanishing to the eyes of Catwoman, she realized that the fear toxin created illusions according to their own fears. Since Batman was afraid of losing close people, all his friends "vanished" and now that they fear each other's theme costumes, they would disappear. Catwoman told Batman to remove their masks. When Selina took off her mask, her image became clear to Batman once again and after a long inner struggle, Bruce took off his cowl as well, baring himself to Selina. This symbolic moment strengthen their bond and they embraced each other in a loving way, overcoming their own inner demons.

He eventually found and captured Scarecrow, but the most important event of that night was the fact that he found Bruce Wayne and with him, the love of his life. Now that Selina had passed away, Bruce can only hope that people will remember him as fondly as he remembers her, filled with love and joy.

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  • Bilfinger Hall Physical Sciences is an obvious homage to Bill Finger.

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