"The Lords of Luck (Part I) - Roulette": Green Lantern is flying through outer space back home when he finds a dead man with a bullet hole in his chest floating before him, 145 miles above Earth. Hal Jordan transmits a signal to Batman at th

Quote1 That's the most reckless card playing I've ever seen. I wish Barry had lived to see you with money. Quote2
Bruce Wayne

The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #1 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of April, 2007.

Appearing in "The Lords of Luck (Part I) - Roulette"

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Synopsis for "The Lords of Luck (Part I) - Roulette"

Green Lantern is flying through outer space back home when he finds a dead man with a bullet hole in his chest floating before him, 145 miles above Earth. Hal Jordan transmits a signal to Batman at the Batcave to ask help. Oddly enough, there's a similar man lying dead on the floor of the Batcave.

Hal flies to Gotham. On the Batcave, Batman explains sixty-two other corpses have been found all over Earth at locations associated with heroes, over the last half hour. Adding to the mystery, whatever hurts one body hurts all of them. Batman deduces it's an alien lifeform and discards death by gunshot. Green Lantern finds a weird radiation trace emanating from the wounds and agrees. They don't know who the murder is, but Batman finds a playing card in the victim's pocket wearing the logo of a casino gift-shop. A casino Batman knows.

Before they can follow that lead, a large yellow energy monster breaks into the cave and attacks them. Hal hits the energy monster until it starts dissipating, and confirms it gives off the same energy signature as the one from the murder weapon. Unbeknownst to both heroes, their battle has been watched by two beings that bet on the outcome. The loser complains about the Haruspex not accouting by the Green Lantern Ring not being vulnerable to yellow anymore, and his partner states it'll soon learn.

Hal charges his Ring up and both men head to the Kismet Casino in Las Vegas. When they arrive, they find out Kismet has come under new ownership, and the owner is unusually reclusive, been shut inside her suite for days. They also learn security guards found a man murdered right outside Kismet's front door about an hour ago.

Later that night, Green Lantern and Batman break into the owner's suite. They find a picture of the victim hugging Roulette, and Bruce deduces she's Kismet's new owner. They're about to enter her office when the door bursts into flames and they see Roulette using Firebug's Gauntlets to try to burn a floating book which she's terrified of.

As Hal puts the fire off, Batman tries to calm Roulette down. Roulette babbles she's trying -and failing- to destroy that book as she promised Drake. Drake was hired by some aliens to steal that book, but he refused to hand it over when he realized what it was. He wanted to warn the heroes using his body-replicating ability to reach all of them at once, but he was killed before he could find help. And Roulette fears they'll murder her now.

Suddenly, the pair of aliens who were spying on Batman and Green Lantern earlier teleport in Roulette's office. As Green Lantern engages one of them outside, Batman fights his partner in the burning office. Batman's adversary identifies himself as Atum and his partner Neferto, two Venturans who came to Earth chasing after Dra'Ack (Drake). Atum forces Batman to choose between keeping fighting or saving Roulette. When Batman chooses the latter, Atum makes off with the book.

Outside, Hal's Ring is overpowering Neferto's adaptative weapon "Haruspex" when Batman tells him chase after Atum. Unfortunately, Atum is already out of sight. Batman tells him the alien is heading for Ventura, and Hal answers they'll need a back-up, and Neferto is already halfway to Arizona.

Before Batman leaves, a very disturbed and panicked Roulette warns that book is the Book of Souls which grants his owner ultimate knowledge and power.



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