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"Challengers of the Unknown": In Challengers Mountain, the Challengers of the Unknown are fighting a monster made from pages of the Book of Souls. The shredded pages depict past adventures of several heroes, and the monster roars the name [[Megi

Quote1.png Is not one of you more muscle than fat? Or swifter than a slug? I demand a challenge of worth! Send forth your mightiest knight! Quote2.png

The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #10 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of April, 2008. It was published on February 20, 2008.

Synopsis for "Challengers of the Unknown"

In Challengers Mountain, the Challengers of the Unknown are fighting a monster made from pages of the Book of Souls. The shredded pages depict past adventures of several heroes,[1] and the monster roars the name Megistus over and over.

The Challengers manage to knock the monster out, and beneath the mass of loose pages they find the Warlock of Ys. Prof Haley deduces the Book is subtly guiding them towards a way to stop Megistus' plans. As evidence of it, he shows a page which "coincidentally" fell into his hand. The Challengers realize Megistus will win if he gets his hands on that item and head out swiftly.

Many centuries in the past, Brian Kent is watching in astonishment a foreign knight single-handedly defeating all knights of Greystone and challenging their mightiest champion. Ignoring Sir Oswald Bane's taunts, Brian slips away quietly to pick the armor which allows him to don the identity of the Silent Knight and protect anonymously the innocent from Sir Oswald's cruelty. Once suited up, Brian rides back to the town and challenges the unknown knight.

The unknown knight is Superman. Superman assesses he's successfully drawn the Silent Knight out, and quickly grabs him and flies him back to the Forest Perilous. Then Superman amicably explains he was summoned from his own time by Merlin to secure his aid in navigating the Forest. Merlin also made him promise emphatically to prevent any harm from befalling the Silent Knight. Silent Knight is mystified at Merlin's protection, but he feels more comforted after his frightening flight.

Superman and Silent Knight go deeper into the Forest. As fighting the wood's dangers, Superman explains he requires aid because the forest's magic nature hampers his powers. Silent Knight also reveals Merlin's mission: finding and destroying an artifact called the Golden Eye of Effron, before a rival magician named Megistus can steal it.

Both heroes find the Eye protected by a guardian dragon. Its cold breath almost freezes Superman to death and its tail nearly crushes Silent Knight. Nonetheless, Superman uses his heat vision on Silent Knight, keeping him warm enough to cancel the effects of the dragon's freezing breath. Silent Knight stabs the Eye and the dragon to death, but Superman saves him from the dragon's final tail blow.

Silent Knight thanks Superman for saving his life. Superman replies it was a honor to fight alongside him. Before Merlin's magic sends Superman back to his own time, he asks his name. Silent Knight can't figure out why Superman seemed both surprised and pleased when he answered "Brian Kent".

Not so far in the past, the Justice League and their sidekicks arrive in Atlantis to attend Aquaman and Mera's wedding. Aqualad is delighted to meet his new best friends again. Unthinkingly, Robin and Kid Flash blurt out they only teamed up once. Before they can explain they didn't mean it that way, Garth swims away, feeling lonely and depressed. Aquaman gets angry with the kids and goes looking for him, followed by the teen heroes who intend to find Garth and apologize.

Aqualad is captured and dragged into a cave by Oceanus, who has been possessed by Megistus. Megistus intends to discover past secrets by tapping into Garth's latent postcognition, and thanks to Oceanus' magic he can tap into Aqualad's powers before he's powerful enough to resist.

Meanwhile, Aquaman and the kids have found remnants of hardened water, telltale signs that Oceanus is on the prowl. Aquaman telepathically asks the sea creatures where's Oceanus.

In the meantime, Megistus is trying to force the lost alchemical knowledge of the old Atlanteans out of Garth. Megistus reveals Earth has been his laboratory, and its creatures his guinea pigs, since prehistoric times, but now a great cosmic cataclysm is coming, and he plans to re-mold the human race.

Aquaman and the three kids storm his cave right then and quickly beat him down. Aquaman wants to beat answers out of Oceanus, but the villain mutters the words "red Earth" and dies suddenly.

As Aquaman buries Oceanus, Robin tries to apologize for their earlier tactless words. Aqualad isn't in the mood for listening, but Aquaman lectures them on the foolishness of turning a friendship down before heading back to Atlantis.

The four teen heroes consider they should hang out together and team up more often.

Present day. The Challengers have arrived at Edwards Air Force Base, and the place has already been wrecked. Strangely, Hal Jordan's Green Lantern Power Battery hasn't been stolen. The Challengers are wondering why Megistus left behind what he was after when a horrible, grinning face shows up on the Lantern and Megistus bursts out of it.

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