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"Sunstroke": Superman, Ultraman, Hal Jordan and the Challengers of the Unknown have borrowed Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane and are heading towards the green-tur

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The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #12 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2008. It was published on April 16, 2008.

Synopsis for "Sunstroke"

Superman, Ultraman, Hal Jordan and the Challengers of the Unknown have borrowed Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane and are heading towards the green-turned Sol to stop Megistus, who is already powerful enough to wipe out humanity and has used Hal's stolen Power Battery to turn the Sun into some kind of alchemical magnet. Superman and Ultraman are depowered, Green Lantern's ring is nearly out of power after rescuing them both and June Robbins's visible anxiety earns Ultraman's scorn, but she's quickly defended by her teammates.

Hoping his will is strong enough to redirect the Battery's power through his Ring, Hal gets suited by the jet's systems and goes out. Hal manages to recharge his Ring before the jet's heat shielding gives. Quickly he turns the Sun back to yellow and puts a protective shield around Diana's jet. The team flies into the Sun.

Inside his citadel, Megistus has trapped Metamorpho inside some kind of engine into order to turn solar radiation into power, and he is contemplating the cosmic storm nearing Earth. He looks forward to watching the cloud to transmutate the Earth's living beings into unpredictable shapes. He figures that turning Earth into a planet-sized laboratory he'll be able to achieve perfect control upon transformative processes.

Superman, Ultraman, Green Lantern and the Challengers burst into his lair. As Superman and Ultraman charge Megistus and Hal runs into the furnace holding Metamorpho, the Challengers spot the stolen magic artifacts. As Megistus keeps both supermen at bay thanks to his transmutatory powers, the Challengers find a space portal showing the cloud approaching Earth. Hal gets to take Metamorpho's furnace as the Challengers dismantle the device siphoning off the relics' power. As dismantling the furnace, Hal finds Megistus also trapped Firestorm.

Meanwhile, the cloud has already reached the Earth's Northern Hemisphere. Leaguers and Titans make their best to save people and beating mutated monsters down, but they're getting overwhelmed.

Hal finally gets Firestorm out of the furnace, but Metamorpho can't change due to Megistus' magic and is stuck.

As fighting Superman and Ultraman off, Megistus gloats about being capable of becoming anything. Superman points out if that was true, Megistus would have changed into Kryptonite. Megistus immediately turns his fists into Green Kryptonite, falling into Superman's trap. Powered up by the Green-K, Ultraman punches Megistus. Infuriated, Megistus throws Ultraman through the portal and into the cosmic cloud. Ultraman begins mutating, but he uses Mixyezpitelik's magic word to escape back to his dimension. Fortunately, Supergirl and Power Girl arrive and join the battle.

The Challengers use the Orb of Ra to rescue Metamorpho, and Firestorm evaporates the device that holds the magic relics and draws the cloud. Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl, Green Lantern, Metamorpho and Firestorm gang up on Megistus, who claims he can't stop the cloud now if he wanted.

The Challengers are trying to come up with a way to destroy the cloud. Though, June grabs the Philosopher's Stone and walks towards the portal. June claims the Stone bonds with its holder and is super-charged, maybe charged enough to transmute the cloud... but only if someone takes it right to the target.

June leaps into the cloud. Her teammates try to persuade her to come back, but she refuses. She isn't a true death-cheater like them, but at least she can finally contribute. Even though her body is breaking down, June manages to dissolve the cloud.

Megistus is finally defeated by the remainder heroes. Angrily, he claims he intended to prepare Earth for an upcoming crisis, and teleports away.

The Challengers return to their base, feeling disheartened by their teammate's demise, and run into Destiny. The Endless states Megistus' defeat has fixed the time-space continuum, and he has come to claim the Book of Souls. He express his gratitude and regrets their sacrifice. Before he goes, the Challengers ask to look inside the Book one last time.

The Challengers intend to read June's final moments, but they find she just vanishes and no longer appears in the Book. The Challengers realize it means she cheated death right like them. Feeling their spirits lifted, the Challengers give thanks to Destiny, hop in their ship Galloper and take off. They don't know where -or when- June has gone to, but the Unknown is their specialty.

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  • Although it's not explained which crisis Megistus referred to, Final Crisis was chronologically the next universe-altering crisis.

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