"The Lords of Luck (Part II) - Ventura": Green Lantern and Supergirl fly to the gambling world of Ventura in search of the Book of Souls. During the travel, Kara constantly makes jokes or complains about [[Kal-El (New Earth)|her cous

Quote1 You have food in the refrigerator older than her, Hal. Who are you. Ollie? No bad thoughts. She's seventeen. Quote2
Hal Jordan

The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #2 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of May, 2007.

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Synopsis for "The Lords of Luck (Part II) - Ventura"

Green Lantern and Supergirl fly to the gambling world of Ventura in search of the Book of Souls. During the travel, Kara constantly makes jokes or complains about her cousin lecturing her on responsibility or babbles about how thrilling is going on a space adventure with a Green Lantern, and Hal constantly reminds himself she's still seventeen.

Upon arriving, Supergirl leaves Green Lantern's side momentarily to save a man who has been thrown off a window, and quickly learns Venturans are obsessed with betting and gambling. Kara is being harassed by crazy gamblers when Hal -disguised as a local-, takes her aside and explains Venturan laws are very strict: they don't like chrononauts, precogs or Green Lanterns. As Kara takes him flying, Hal adds their perp will be using the Book to stay several steps ahead of the authorities. Kara points out then Atum will know they're coming and have prepared ahead, but Hal replies they can't just assume they've already lost and give up.

On Earth, a plane is arriving at El Paso. The pilots ignores what item he's been hired by WayneTech to fly from Las Vegas, and he doesn't notice Batman slipping out the plane and gliding downwards. Neferto, though, has spotted Batman and is about to shoot him down when he's tackled by Blue Beetle. Batman is surprised to see him, and Blue Beetle explains his armor detected alien technology nearby and dragged him out of his home to look for it. Unfortunately, for when Blue Beetle leads Batman back to the downed gunman, Neferto is already gone.

Back on Ventura, Supergirl is flying Green Lantern to a gladiatorial arena. Their flight is monitorized by Atum via Book of Souls. Atum thinks no one can stop him from becoming very rich until he realizes the Book rewrites itself.

Once they're sitting in the bleachers of the Combat Arena, as Kara scans the area with her X-Ray vision, Hal explains Atum will want to score big and fast before he's caught, and this is the best place for it. Hal also has the feeling Kara is hitting on him, and tries to put a stop to her advances, arguing even if she wasn't a child, the answer would be "No". Kara looks downright heartbroken and Hal tries to explain he -together with everyone else in the universe- is terrified of what her cousin will do if he breaks her heart, and maybe she should ditch her red-and-blue costume if she intends to not be threatening.

Supergirl tells nothing and flies away. Green Lantern curses himself for his tactlessness and is wondering how he'll go about smoking Atum out, when a new combatant enters the arena to challenge the huge, dinosaur-like Brothers Gragg: Kara, looking like a pig-tailed, pink-dressed, little child. She winks at Hal's direction, and he realizes his "looking like a child" and "rethinking the red and blue costume" earlier words have given her an idea.

As Kara easily pummels the Brothers Gragg to the ground, Hal fetches a data slate showing the wager data for that match. Supergirl is counting on the fact that whoever has the Book of Souls is probably the only gambler on Ventura who would actually bet on her to win. Hal quickly spots and barges into Atum's skybox, but the criminal has already run away. Right then, a patrol of cops and Hounds of Chaos burst into the place and attack Hal, believing him to be the cheating gambler.

Supergirl flies in and shields Green Lantern. As covering her partner, Kara finds Atum thanks to her super-vision and Hal leaves to hunt hin down.

Atum tries to escape but he's bludgeoned from behind by the man whom Kara rescued when she first arrived on the planet. The man -who was overhearing both heroes- makes off with the Book. Hal catches him but the man declares the Rannian Resistance finally have the means to destroy Thanagar. He's being Zeta-Beamed out of the planet, taking Hal with himself.

Supergirl tries to grab hold of Hal but she's too late. Both Hal and the Rannian are teleported away, leaving Supergirl stranded on Ventura. Kara doesn't know how to reach Rann or go back to Earth, and since her disguise has been shredded, showing her costume underneath, everyone in the stadium knows she's a Kryptonian now and looks very mad.



This issue establishes Supergirl is seventeen.

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