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"The Lords of Luck (Part III) - The Lord of Time": On the desert of El Paso, Batman and Blue Beetle are being battered by a localized blizzard created by Neferto. Blue Beetle panicks when he loses sight of Batman

Quote1.png Sir, please. My friend Green Lantern brought me here, but we got separated, and I need to catch up to him. It's crucial. I can pay for help. Trade coal for diamonds. Quote2.png

The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #3 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Lords of Luck (Part III) - The Lord of Time"

On the desert of El Paso, Batman and Blue Beetle are being battered by a localized blizzard created by Neferto. Blue Beetle panicks when he loses sight of Batman, so he flies up and blasts down. Jaime manages to stop the blizzard but sets off an avalanche. Batman gets buried, but his frequent battles with Mister Freeze have taught him to bring an ice-melting device along every time. As Jaime's armor helps heats his body up, Batman warns him Neferto will be ready for him the next time. Blue Beetle still wants help Batman hunt him down.

Unfortunately, Blue Beetle's armor can't track him anymore, and he's worried about Batman getting angry at him despite Batman's efforts to calm him down. Batman decides to falls back on his favored tactic: finding a crook and beating answers out of him. As Jaime sees Bruce interrogating a crook, he figures out Neferto's weapon's localization.

On Ventura, Supergirl is trying to find a way to get to Rann, but nobody wants to help her out. When she states she can pay in coal-squeezed-into-diamonds, an alien offers to introduce her to a guide. But she'll have to rescue him first.

Somewhere else on the planet, Lobo is facing a firing squad. Before he gets shot, Supergirl -who is dressing like a biker chick now in order to blend in with the crowd- swoops in and takes him away. Supergirl explains her trouble but Lobo refuses to be her starguide until he sees cash. Kara shows she's Superman's relative to get him trust her, but being a Kryptonian hero also means she needs to know beforehand what he was being executed for before making a deal. Lobo says it was an unpaid parking ticket for his bike... which he parked on the Governor. Supergirl says outloud she couldn't justify hiring him if there wasn't so much at stake.

Back on El Paso, Batman and Blue Beetle have sneaked into the mansion of La Dama, the local crimelady whose specialty is to collect magical weapons and artifacts. Any criminal Neferto encountered would have steered him straight to her.

Inside the mansion, Neferto's offering his Haruspex in exchange for teleportational technology. All of sudden, the whole place goes haywire. La Dama's soldiers turn up to take her to a safe room, but a dimensional portal opens up and blocks their way. Epoch steps out of it to claim the Haruspex, and has brought the Fatal Five along.

A battle begins, and La Dama's side is losing. Batman and Blue Beetle interfere, and La Dama and Neferto take advantage of their meddling to escape down a passageway. Batman runs down the stairs and wants Blue Beetle to follow him, but Jaime believes he can cover Batman. Then he turns around and comes face to face with the Emerald Eye.

La Dama and Neferto are trying to escape, but Epoch teleports in front of them and takes Neferto down. Straight after, Batman shows up and puts him out of commission. La Dama grabs the Haruspex during the brawl, but she doesn't want to kill Batman. She knows she'd lose her anonymity. Their stalemate is interrupted when Blue Beetle and the Fatal Five fight their way to the place.

The Fatal Five are getting tired of pointless fighting and want Epoch to take them back home. Unfortunately, Epoch's fainted, and his suit's failsafe transports him back to his native era, leaving the villainous team stranded. Both Tharok and Batman realize at the same time Epoch wants the Haruspex, so he'll return for it. Tharok charges La Dama to take it away from her, but La Dama fires the Haruspex... right when Batman lunges at Tharok.

A shockwave rocks the place. Blue Beetle can barely stand up, and Batman appears to have merged with Tharok's mechanical half somehow.

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This issue is reprinted in the The Brave and the Bold: The Lords of Luck hardcover collection.

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